So, after all the problems with various online mini traders being utter pants I may have found my new go to site.

I actually found them through a banner ad on Wamp so GoogleAds is occasionally good for something. They do a fairly good discount on most things, better than similar sites in many cases and carry a decent range of stuff. More importantly they do what they say they'll do and keep you informed of when it's likely to happen. If stuff is shown as in stock then it does seem to be and when it isn't in stock there's a good estimate of when you'll receive it shown. Obviously they're still hamstrung by their suppliers but when one of my items didn't turn up for a couple of weeks they kept me informed of any new developments by email all the way through. At no point was I left wondering what was going on and forced to contact them myself like with all the other sites I've tried. When I did ring them up (to sneakily add something to my order and dodge extra postage) they answered straight away and were very easy to deal with, the same goes for emails.

This is what they say about themselves:
We place emphasis on customer service, whilst keeping our prices low (15-25% off GW, Malifaux, Infinity & Army Painter. 10-25% off everything else):
  • Fast delivery (First Class Royal Mail - 1-2 days including Saturday for UK orders, or 2-5 days for the rest of Europe). FREE for UK orders over 80; otherwise 2.95.
  • Same-day dispatch on in-stock items.
  • A clear, concise website showing precise, real-time availability and dispatch dates for every product.
  • Excellent support with a rapid response-time.
Their loyalty scheme is also pretty good, you get 10p in "element crystals" for every 10 you spend to cash in on future orders and there's a family and friends bonus. If you do end up ordering anything from these guys make sure to add the code "DAV588" at the end of the checkout page and we BOTH get double the points back, 20p per 10 which is fairly good. Make sure you tell me your code and I'll return the favour.

As well as all that they have some pretty good painting and modelling tutorials which are worth a look.

If the Wampstore doesn't carry what you're after, these guys are certainly worth a try.