So then I opened the Nasier add on box...

Every Model I looked at was perfect..

I took 4 random models.. an Ashman Swordsman, Shadrus Arikim, the Blind Hakar and a Pelegarth Bloodmask.

The Ashmen Swordsman

Awesome cast outstanding detail for a plastic Mini I would have preferred it if this whole faction was resin because these minis are so stylish I donít think the plastic does them justice. Clean up is also minimal on these a few small mould lines and the parts come on sprues with minimal contact points so these minis arenít going to be much hassle.

Shadrus Arikim

Well this is a larger model which can only be described as an angry goat...
The detail on this is nice. Once again plastic and rivals any other plastic mini on the market the armour detail is good, nothing major but will carry a good edge when painted.
I think the only think with this model I donít like is the smooth horns, I think some nicely ridged horns would have set this mini off nicely.. so just a little niggle but nothing major I think a dremmel and some miliput could see on outing here..

The Blind Hakar

Well this model is another model that suffers from not being resin.. The detail could have been outstanding so it reduces a great mini to an ok mini which is sad really that coolminiornot didnít go with resin for the whole range or at least the character models.
This model comes with a little hunchback servant who is a nice cast for plastic too. With this you get a hand option. You can with go with the Whip who doesnít like whips lol) or a crazy hammer looking halberd with a hammer on one side.. I think if she has a slave she needs the whip but the Halberd will add some nice width to the model.
So lots of potential in this but it just fell short not being resin...

Pelegarth BloodMask

Well only a few mould lines to clear off but the weapons and arms will need lots of prep.
These crazy ladies go into battle almost naked. Whats wrong with that? I hear you say, Well these girls are saggy. Not some buxom beauty. These girls are big mamas and will scare the libido out of anyone. Lots of flesh to paint so make sure you buff the mould line areas or there will be a huge texture change in the paint. The detail is also good for a plastic mini, the Band aids over the nipples Iím sure are there to protect younger players. Not like GW who just cut the nipples of the Deamonettes... pffffttt.. nipples nipples nipples mmmmmmm well I digress...

So the Overall decision on the quality is very hit and miss if I had to score it out of 10 I would say 6-7 but Iíve not seen the other 3 factions so I canít judge the whole game as yet

So Now I move on to the Rule Book

This book is quality. Well printed and had some nice artwork in it each section is set out like the Malifaux rule books with a little narrative to introduce each faction and a good army list with stats and background.

Going back up to the KS exclusive miniís
There are no rules in the Rule Book for these that I can see.. The Ancient King, and The Kingdom Death cross over as well as the Exclusive mini are all listed as Mercenary on their boxes. This to me seems like a waste of time as they should have just said collectorsí editions and released them in resin and not even bothered with stat cards.

If CMON intend to release another rules book with mercenaries in it then fine its justified but to make the boxes and cards for minis you cannot use well I think that was a waste of Backers Money
No Doubt the stat card are there and you can put them in the game if you want to but if they were intended to be used why isnít there a section for them in the rules on how to attach mercenaries to your Force?

So on the face Value of things the game is pretty but it has been let down as the character models could have been resin and then the bulk troops plastic it would have been so much nicer. And the Mercenary miniature could have come in zippy bags instead of fully printed packaging which could have save a lot of money which could have funded the resin production of the character minis..
So a score out of 10 for the whole thing Iím going to give it a 7 just because of my own personal gripes with some of the cleaning up that needs to be done.. as for a face value plastic miniature game itís an 8..
If it was a pupil at school taking home a school report it would say at the bottom...

Could have Done Better!!!
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