On Friday 13th I took delivery of my long awaited Wrath of Kings Kickstarter pledge.

It came in a huge box which made me think oh my god.. so I opened the box and inside was my King 100 pledge, I actually added on 2 special characters models, the Ancient King and the Kingdom Death Twilight Knight Crossover which I will get to later.
I opted for Shael Han faction and the Nasier faction. The King 100 pledge was for 2 starter sets of my choice and the rule book plus the Kickstarter exclusive mini.

So as the kick starter went along stretch goals were met and extras were added. So in the box were 4 starter boxes as 2 were stretch goal add ons, 3 character minis, the rule book a free dice bag and resin Shael Han miniature which was also free.

My Initial look at the packaging and production was met with a good impression. The boxes were nicely printed and had a small piece of background of the character inside.

Of which I found to be quite a nice touch.

So the first box I opened was the Kingdom Death crossover mini.
Twilight Knight. This is classed as a Mercenary character.( a little more on that later)
As I have never held a KD mini I wasnít sure of the quality so I opened the box and inside the box was this tiny miniature.

I must say the boxes for the miniatures are excessively over sized.. Cool mini or not could have saved a fortune using boxes half the size for single character sets.
So the mini itís self. Is resin and really nicely cast and I can see will be a joy to paint, freehand will need a lot of practice..
With the mini I got a stat card, this was nicely printed too.
So far the print quality of things was looking great.

So I turned to the Ancient King Miniature.
Same routine here, box too big, way to big.

Nice stat card good printing lovely stuff.

So the Miniature? Well lets just say I was not impressed at all with the cast quality, it is cast in Plastic. For a character model I would have thought resin would have been better.. So, to the detail of the model.
Not great.. The artwork for the ancient king shows nice chest armour and a cool face mask.

The actual mini show dull detail to the chest and the mask shows no detail on the teeth.

The rest of the model was ok, the torso locks into the cape which was a well thought design and I was quite impressed with the snap fit and it wonít need any filling with GS or miliput. This I quite liked.

If only the detail was better on the chest and face this would have made a nice miniature to paint. But at this rate I will need to go very thin with layers of paint as to not lose the detail that is there, because anyone who doesnít dilute their paint is going to lose the detail straight away. Not good in my opinion..

So this got me thinking OH hell!! Is that what the rest of the miniatures are going to be like. So I dreaded opening the starter box.

I took the free add on Shael Han starter box and opened it up, this box was plain white nowt fancy.

Inside there was 15 miniatures. So I took a random 4 miniatures and opened their packets.

I opened a Dragon warrior which is the foot soldier of the Shael Han.
This is your basic plastic miniature.. could easily be used as a proxy in Malifaux for Ten Thunder Brothers. The body of the model is ok enough detail so get a decent paint job on it.

However, then came the arms and weapons. Well this just put my right off. Itís covered in tabs from the casting process. This is going to be lot of clean up. For 1 mini not so bad but for 12 Iím sure this is going to stop a lot of people going the extra mile to make the minis look good..

So apart from the clean up itís not a bad mini over all.

I then I opened the character model of Shield of Taelfon

Totally different story from previous minis.
Nice model nice detail, will be great to paint with minimal clean up, itís going to look nice on the table top..

Then I compare the Free resin Character model of The Red Willow against its plastic version.

Anyone who ever bought a finecast mini from GW will see the photo and think ďYup I RememberĒ
The resin Red Willow is covered in sprue.. itís a lovely and crisp cast but is going to need a lot of clean up. The plastic version isnít as sharp itís got some round edges too still a nice plastic mini though.
However, the plastic version is much smaller in scale than the resin version. Which I find to be a little weird? And the head is posed differently.

After the initial Ancient King quality issue I was doubtful but the actual gaming pieces are cool. Apart from the clean up issues.....
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