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    As you know Wamp is a site that is offered completely free to access. It does however cost a fair amount of money to keep up and running and to help pay towards these costs we have the Wamp Supporters scheme.
    In return for kind donations we offer you some 'extra benefits' as a thank you.
    I have taken some time to evaluate the scheme and revised it a little.

    I have removed the various different price points we had previously. Now there are too choices:
    • 1 years subscription - 10
    • 1 months subscription 5

    (The 1 month I introduced for those that wish to take advantage of the extended contest deadlines subscribing entitles you too)

    This is a rise on the basic amount offered previously though 10 per year is the average people were paying anyway hence the reason I opted for that, and it's still reasonably priced I think.

    Because of the slight rise I have added in some further benefits for supporters. The main changes are supporters will receive 5 extra days for Wamp Special deadlines (up from 3 days) and there is now a supporter only forum. Pop in and bask in your exclusivity!
    Below is a full list of the extra benefits a supporter will receive:

    Standard User
    Extra 5 Days For Wamp Special Contests
    Create Ladders
    Create Tournaments
    Group Blog
    Customise Blog
    Forum Functions
    Can Use Invisible Mode
    Use Boolean Search
    Delete Own Threads
    Number Of Social Groups You Can Create
    Custom User Title
    Animated Profile Picture
    Profile Picture Size
    100 x100 px
    600 x 600px
    Animated Signatures
    Customise Profile Page
    Other Extras
    Special Supporter Only Downloads
    Download Portal Specials Before Other Users
    Supporter Badge On Postbit
    Access To Exclusive Supporters Only Forum
    Supporter Exclusive Username Colour
    Triple Triad

    These extras are available right now.

    I have also taken the time to go through and modify the existing subscription system to function better, as some supporteres didnt show on the system and others did even though their subscription had expired.

    For those of you that are already on a recurring payment for an amount that differs from the new rate I will be cancelling the recurring payment over the next few days as these payments wont be on the new rates. This WILL NOT affect your subscription which will continue to run until its due date as normal, it is simply stopping a future payment been taken.
    If you wish to keep your recurring payment set up and pay the adjusted amount let me know and I can change the amount on the automatic payments (but I will not do this without permission first!!)

    If you wish to become a supporter you can do so here: Become a Wamp Supporter

    I know that some of you like to contribute to the site for other amounts or prefer not to subscribe. To this end I have added in a donation option that you are free to take up. This will accept a donation via PayPal for an amount you specify - anything from 1p to 60 trillion (though for admin purposes please advise me if your donation will exceed 1m !!

    To make a donation goto: Donation Page

    Please make sure you use the subscription link if you wish to become a supporter. The donation link will not add you as a supporter!

    Supporter status is voluntary and is certainly not expected, so please don't feel you have to take up the scheme because you dont!

    As always any questions feel free to contact me
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