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  • Fusion 2.0

    We are now developing our second Fusion Kickstarter that will see the system overhauled with a new cleaner connection system. The designs are all going to be remaster digitally for crisper details with new designs added.

    We have lots of ideas but the main biggie is the inclusion of round ones!

    test print.jpg

    On the left the original version. The centre one is a digital version for testing. The final digital sculpt will have more details added but you can see the new connection system that makes the join much neater. just a single line on the back that is very discrete. The remasters will tweak the design in places, this one may get a drain added, just small details to add interest in places.
    The one on the right is the round version. Each design will be available in a round version too!
    There will also be the option of purchasing the floors in single format meaning no insert piece if you prefer.

    We are changing up the casting method for a smoother finish . We even added the logo on the underneath of the bases!

    logo test.jpg

    We will be initially offering 5 themes to begin with the remaining 8 as unlocks if we get funded.

    We have a few other bits to compliment them too.

    In the meantime if you have any request or ideas or general feedback feel free to let me know!
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    first floor and wall from the Street set are done. You can see how the round wall version works too. Though these are digital copies of the existing themes so far Ive taken the chance to tweak and enhance them a little in places

    flagged kerb screengrab.jpg
    low brick wall grab.jpg
    low brick wall grab rear.jpg
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      wall and floor done. Each floor style has 4 options to choose from to cater for all needs.

      Buttress wall preview.jpg
      Fan Cobble Render.jpg
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        Round Cap Wall Render.jpg

        This one was a right PITA to do
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