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    Originally posted by Tonbo
    I love the free booter fig Ryan thanks.
    Good, I tried to find something in my collection you wouldn't have at the store, glad you like it. Now, PAINT IT!!


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      Scott, I'm gonna kill you.

      I received the parcel last week and you sent me 4 blisters!!!

      Apart from that, I'm very pleased with the minis you sent me, specially (believe it or not) with the PzIIIM.

      Thank you very much, Scott. As soon as I get time enough I'll post photos.
      A Modeler in Paradise


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        You'll just have to deal with it Italaerei
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          so getting 4 blisters is bad? am i missing something here?
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            We were supposed to send only three mini's. The instructions were pretty clear. I actually meant to send only the three but I must of goofed. I think I might have swapped the CMON Mini exchange bag for Italaerei's package.

            Speaking of I got some nice mini's from CMON Mini Exchange. Stuff I'll NEVER paint, but good looking models. I still got UnDave's stuff to work on from the previous one. The highlight of that pack was the old empire wizard UnDave sent me. If any model looks like a scroll caddy it's this one!
            "Who needs weights? Animals don't lift weights, and animals are STRONG!"
            -Chuck "the Truck" Wallace


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              Heh, yeah I ended up with two of those guys due to a botched mail order shipment. I'll paint mine one day.....


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                Don't worry Scott, I didn't mean to seem angry. It's just that when I opened the parcel I saw 4 blisters and I thought

                - WTF? I sent Lizz 3 minis.

                I ran to my PC and surfed to the WAMP mini exchange bases and then it was clearly stated. 3 minis.

                Really, Scott, I'm delighted with the blisters but if you think you sent me the wrong parcel, just tell me and I'll send it back.
                A Modeler in Paradise