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  • Private forums for Supporters

    Wamp supporters can now benefit from private forums for those projects they may want to share with some people but not everyone. You know the ones , those secretive Competition projects we are paranoid someone else is going to steal!!
    If your a supporter and would like one setting up let me know.
    Only people who you choose to give access to will be able to view your forum, you may grant, deny access as you choose
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    sign me up baby..
    Peace James


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      will do mate gimme a few hours
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        You're going to get my money yet...
        Some tales are best left for the light of day.

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          So Al, do work in sales or own a business by chance? You sure do know the ways of the Sales Pro. :P
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            I used to sell double glazing over the phone - top in the country for the company on many an occasion!!
            Actually I thought this would be a nice little reward for supporters. I dont feel loads of people would want one and I dont feel not having one is an issue so that was my justification for doing it.

            Also I didnt want us to end up with loads of private forums taking away from the main dialogue in the general areas
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              Secrets are lies!
              "Who needs weights? Animals don't lift weights, and animals are STRONG!"
              -Chuck "the Truck" Wallace