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    maybe have 'official reviews' and then member reviews or something like that?
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      I don't really have a view on classifieds and Ebay things as I wouldn't buy them or sell via them, so people who feel strongly either way have more of a view really. I don't mind the idea if people are registered for a minimum time, if it helps WAMPers sell their work etc. I find the endless classifieds on CMON a bit annoying, but I tend to be in the don't bother to look as not interested crowd.

      Quite like the idea of a terrain contest, but maybe it could be themed 'Sci fi from old tat' etc, helping people who can't afford to buy loads of things to take part.

      Reviews, really like them as I mentioned on the other thread and would like to see them here. Maybe we could have a mark out of ten and a 'WAMP award' gold silver or bronze. Anyone could submit and perhaps everyone could vote on the review and the overall award could be for the best ones that had generated debate etc. I like the award system used in PC sites etc as its nice and clear and easier than loads of random marks. I think anyone should be able to review stuff, it would make a nice change from other sites and give real insights into things.


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        On the classifieds/ebay thing, i dont know enough about that to give an honest opinion as to wether it would be a benefit or, as some have mentioned, turn the site into something other than what its meant to be

        The 4 seasons overhaul sounds great, i for one would be very interested in this idea

        Reviews? I LOVE reading reviews of kits/models online!! This would be cool too

        just my tuppence-worth though....


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          well the review section we will definatley do. Ill have a think on it and how to proceed. Sounds like the four seasons changing is welcomed too.
          I think tomorrow I will open up the classified section so you can all have a poke around and see it so we can get further opinion?
          as always thoughts,critique,suggestions are all welcomed, this is after all a democratic dictatorship!!
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            cheers Al
            Peace James


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              Yes, lots to think about

              The classifieds seem interesting, I tend to agree on a lot on what's already been said - but I think if we see them in action, it'll give a better idea. I only tend to link unpainted stuff here anyway (and then just because), but extending to trades & wants could be a good idea. As the site grows, then it may be more relevant, so having it in place already ...

              I still would like to see figure companies be able to pimp in the news section though.

              I found I didn't enter many of the 'other' contests last year - mainly through deadlines with sponsor comps & ladder stuff. It can't hurt t try something new, and can always be revised in a year or so (really should start entering the monthly comps again though )

              I like the idea of an official review section, but also Hinton's independent review idea - I take it wouldn't conflict with any reviews given in the news/manufacturers sections?
              Oooh. That's a BINGO!
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                The Ebay links look cool but it's not something I know alot about so can't really comment on that one.

                I like the classified section idea but I agree with Lost Boy and others about people joining just to flog stuff and not enter into the spirit of the site.

                The Scenery contest would give those better at modelling, rather than painting, (not me I hasten to add) an opportunity to show their skills so a thumbs up for that one.

                As for reviews I think this is a really good one. I've already purchased based on a review on here so it can only be a good thing for members and companies alike.

                A community driven repository aimed at the whole miniature painting community.
                Contributions can be made directly in the Wiki or by contacting the admin team here.


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                  @Vern the news section aim is exactly that for info on new releases, sneak peeks etc. Your quite welcome to postin there too, I will be sending out a mail to companies about the feature when I can though with LA next week it may not be soon!!
                  Ill 'unlock' the classifieds section so you can all see it. we have the ability to add as many categories as we want, so we could have minis, books, comission services etc then sub cats.
                  I understand peoples fear about us getting a horde of people joining up just to pimp their ware but to be honest I really cant see it. We dont get massive traffic so I think its only a worthwhile efautre for those that happen to be here and as it wouldnt be publicised outside of wamp they aint gonna know. I can easily but in conditions so only people whove posted over 50 times or have been on the site for 2 months or something can ut an ad (though we would need to do it in a way that didnt disadvantage our newer members).

                  We'll go ahead and revamp the four season contest and try a yearly terrain contest. I was thinking of the possibilty of combining it into the wamped contest at the end of th eyear or would a stand alone be preffered?
                  I know someone pm'd me about terrain a while back but I lost the message - so if you could resend me your ideas (or post them here) plus any suggestions the rest of you might have on format etc.
                  We'll also run the review section, probably through the articles section rather than the forum as its more suited. What we need is a set of scoring conditions (ie out of 5 or 10 maybe overall out of 100?) theres several formats we could use any preferences, also what actual criteria would we want and for what - minis need different to say books or paints. Though I think for now we should come up with the mini criteria first.
                  so far I thought these:
                  Value for money (ie for the item is it a good price as opposed to is it cheap (a single 28mm metal isnt necessarily better value for money than a 90mm resin piece just because it may be cheaper)
                  Cast Qualtiy - is it a clean cast, moldlines, flash etc
                  Assembly - how easy is it to assemble
                  Sculpt quality - how good is the actual sculpting?Visual appeal - is it a good looking mini
                  Originality - does it offer something different or improve on whats out there already

                  these are just quick ideas so fire away with your suggestions
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                    Maybe something about how easy the mini is to actually paint? Is there a load of tiny detail that makes it something you might not always want to be painting.
                    Are you saying Grade A, or Grey Day?


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                      good suggestion - skill level ?

                      btw I have opened up the classifieds so you can all have a look - you shoul dbe able to post them too - have a look and play and let mw know what you think
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                        I think those are all good categories, including the Skill Level part.

                        Might also want to have a part about how easy it is to get the mini. Is it available only from the company that makes it or can you get it somewhere else? Maybe a note about customer service or something along those lines.
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                          I did wonder about availabilty and customer service - I think they may be better as comments rather than score markers though?
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                            Actually DL I think the rating might have too many categories. If we're including pictures then I think I'd liek to see it limited to cast quality, assembly, and overall. Pic's should let people see how they think it could be painted and one mans tough model is not neccessarily that way for another. An overly detailed model might look difficult to me but others might not like a model with lots of open spaces for blending and such. As for price and so on so long as we comment on those things, and the originality I think we can just factor those into the overall score of the mini. My thoughts anyway. I'm going to see if I can do one up over the weekend and I'll post it in the mini's section to show what I think would be good, but of course this is a democratic dictatorship so what the masses prefer could cetasinly overule me!

                            For reviews I think less is more. A moderate sized write up is perfect place to site any concerns/praise but in the end I think it should come down to as little a score as possible. I'd rpefer even just one. Like a movie review, you can like certain things and hate others but in the end it's usually down to just one general score. I like that! Instead of one rating for story, or acting, or effects etc.
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                              I take your point scoot. And yes there will be photos (at least for the 'official' ones. Yes say 3 scores out of 10 then an overall percentage would be my choice.
                              What I want to do is get a scoring sytem in place. Then the plan is for anyone that is intereted in becoming an official reviewer would write and submit a review on a mini (just something they have at home for instance)
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