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  • The year ahead

    Hi folks,
    now 2010 is upon us I thought | would just send out some details on what to come this year on Wamp.
    Last year was a fantastic one as it saw our first real year as a regular forum away from our old broom cupboard of a place!) We welcomed plenty of new friends and (hopefully) youll agree it was a sucessful year.
    so whats to come in 2010? Well here is some of the things to look forwrad to:

    The sponsored contest continue to grow from 9 sponsors in 2009 to 17 this year. We will be holding contests in partnership with the following companies:

    Returning Companies:
    Avatars of War
    Gaspez Arts
    Ironwind Metals
    Urban Mammoth

    And we welcome some new ones too:
    Scibor Monstrous miniatures
    Kingdom Death
    Redbox Games
    Pulp City
    Wargame Miniatures

    All these sponsors are putting up some great prizes so its a perfect excuse to get painting.

    We will of course continue to run the Wamp monthly and the ladder challenge as well as the seasonal basing contest.

    This year will see us moving to new forum software with extra facilities and such as improved galleries and blgo and article features

    Hopefully we will have our very own wamp miniature released too as well as an exclusive tie in with Kingdom Death . This will be fully game legal but only available to Wamp members. I will continue to try and secure further wamp exclusive offers from companies out there (we already have special discounts in place with Kabuki and Wargame miniatures)

    All this on top of one of the friendliest forums in the hobby where everyones opinions counts regardless of ability,age or whether you like space marines.

    Finally we will also see the Little Angels contest come to its climax. Its our attempt to raise as much as we can for Tommy's a baby charity that help prevent stillbirth and miscarriage. So we created the largest ever online miniature painting contest to try and do this with over 1800 worth of prize. There is of now around just under 5 weeks left to enter, so please try and help out if you can. Deadline is 14th Febuary.

    Heres to a great 2010!


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    Brilliant work as ever Brett... thank you!
    Rent-a-painter at great rates!


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      Awesome stuff - lots to look forward to.
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      I have not bought a miniature since Nov 2010.


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        WAMP is the best. Brett is the Best. This song is the best.

        Go WAMP 2010!!!


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          Definitely shaping up to be a good year for WAMP , thanks Brett top effort mate !!
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            Looking forward to these. The comps really helped me push my self last year and i am looking very forward to totally throwing myself into these this year!

            Thanks amigo!
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              Looks like a lot of good stuff. Looking forward to coming over here and playing some more.
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                Definitely shaping up to be an incredible year here at WAMP. Thanks for all the hard work, DL!
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                  Wooot! Can wait for the Red Box game one. I have one already lined up for it.


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                    Looking forward to a friendly forum 2010!


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                      Looks like a busy year a head, cool stuff Brett.

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                        A busy year of painting indeed. A couple of those comps will be big projects for me, the Gamezone one will be a challenge just to get together let alone paint it.
                        Good work on setting all this up Brett.
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                          your welcome guys
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                            Golf clap for you, Mr Lord :)

                            How's the new forum software coming along?
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                              slowly! but not far off
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