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Wamp 3.0 is coming....

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  • Wamp 3.0 is coming....

    In the next few days i am going to be upgrading the Wamp forum. While all the posts and articles will remain we shall be running on updated and better software and a slightly fresher look. We shall be streamling some features and some will sadly be going as I look to reinvent the site in the Social Media age.

    I strongly believe forums are the best place for miniature painting discussion not only for the pace but the ability to easily go back to things youve seen more than 10 minutes ago!

    Both Hinton and Brambleton are going to come on board as moderators but also to drop the odd bit of content including news and reviews.

    We will also be launching in due course a Wamp App (Android and iOS) so you can easily interact via your mobile devices.

    Theres plenty more as well but please bear with us as we transition over


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    sounds good :)
    "what color did you use, red with a black wash?"
    Current size of lead mountain: 3619. Painted: 743


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      Originally posted by Darklord View Post
      in the Social Media age.
      The age that in future shall easily be forgotten, and already is for those living in it!


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        sounds good :)
        The best thing my mates & I have done:

        Me on Putty&Paint