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    @boris: he has a plan so cunning that you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel.
    To equate intelligence and wisdom with occupation is, at best, insulting.


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      Originally posted by Boris
      really nice idea and very different. I only hope you have a cunning plan up your sleeve for recording it all. I know how much time this kind of thing takes.
      yep - spreadsheets are our friends !!
      as most are based around the contests i can just collate them as i do the voting - once we end up with 3,291 entries per contest it may get tricky!!
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        May I recommend trying out Google docs for your spreadsheets. You can make yourself forms - which could be a lot easier to use to add data.

        It's what I'm using now for recording the votes for SI painting challenges and saves me sooooo much time.
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          i normally just use works but might give it a whirl thanks Becca
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