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    I Agree. WaMP not W&MP
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      Shane is working on an updated version of the logo when he gets chance (hes trying to do it while renovating his kitchen!) so you can have a look when its done.
      I actually like the W&MP it looks like an AND and a A (thats a confusing statement!) but we'll see. It would be purely for the Logo - the site is still WAMP in name if that makes sense?
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        Originally posted by Springbok
        Will check the sizing for you Liz.. would it help if I send you the sizing in inches around " ze bust " area?
        What a gentleman, anyone else round here would be asking for her measurements.

        She'd probably give them too :twisted:

        As for W&MP Vs. WaMP; the ideas fine in principle but it just doesn't look like a word you can say. W&MP looks like W and MP whereas WaMP looks like Wamp, like you'd say it. It doesn't really make sense to change it just for the tshirts. We're WaMP plain and simple.

        Maybe a little to heavy on the simple... :lolbash:
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          its a ploy to eventuall reduce the name to W thus saving more time for painting minis - there is method in my madness!!
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