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  • Well Met!

    Hi all,

    I've heard about this forum for quite some time and have recently started browsing as a 'watcher.'

    I'm an avid fan of miniature games and don't paint near as much as I should, or even close to as much as I like.

    I've had this forum name for many a year, so a few of you may have seen me post on other forums.

    I'm involved with as a volunteer for Pulp Monsters as well as Darkson Designs, and have have been involved with Privateer Press and Dark Age Games as well.

    I'm glad I found WAMP and look forward to learning and joining in the conversations here.
    "Stupidity is a disease that can, and should be, cured."
    DNA pioneer James Watson

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    Welcome to WAMP varagon


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      "women are like minis - both are expensive hobbies, there's always better looking ones on the internet, many dont look so good with age. Only difference is minis are easier to strip" - Darklord

      "If you love something set it free. If it loves you it will come back for revenge" - From the Reaper Dark Maiden box.


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        Welcome to Wamp!
        Keeper quote: "I've got 10 inches, here!!"


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          Hello and welcome to WaMP!


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            I'll be lucky to paint a single figure this year or any other. If I do manage it, no one will be more shocked than I.


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              Welcome to WaMP!
              The eyes!, the EYES!!

              ...tapping fingers impatiently...


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                Welcome to the Wamp varagon
                "I lOVE your attitude Wag - painting for the hell of it, because you want to - one of the best things I did was invite you over here as to me you invoke the wamp spirit perfectly." - thankyou DL !

                "'ve done things with Blood Bowl Orcs that I wouldn't have thought possible. Certainly wouldn't have thought they were sensible!..." - Lobo, Iron Painter 8 competition


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                  :Wamp: and happy new year to you .
                  " Griffins could never get though doors because of their own ego"

                  "I like to ask questions, to keep learning, however people with big egos might not want to look unsure " - Heston Blumenthal


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                    Welcome to WAMP :)
                    MaGie Miniature Painting Blog
                    MaGie Facebook page :)


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                        Hi varagon & welcome to WAMP.

                        A community driven repository aimed at the whole miniature painting community.
                        Contributions can be made directly in the Wiki or by contacting the admin team here.


                        "The concept of 'why' is way more important to understand than the question of 'how' (which is only ever a variation of 'get paint - paint paint')." - Orki, November 2010.


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                          Welcome aboard... come and enjoy the fun :)
                          Lazy blogger... poke me to keep reminding me to update...


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                            Hi varagon, welcome to the WaMP


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                              Oooh. That's a BINGO!
                              This is grapeshot. This is what it does.