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  • Blarg

    Hello, I am new to WAMP. Checked this place out for a bit and since it seems to be a friendly and helpful place decided I would pitch in here, as well as learn from my betters! (Someday, you darn 9.somethings on CmoN, SOMEDAY!)

    I actually found this site from Avatars of War. I also do a tad of posting on CMoN as well. Of late, I usually paint, but of late I have been doing plenty of scratch building and I have a lot of interest in sculpting. I have also been getting into the gaming aspect of the hobby as well.

    What I Paint? Well, I could copy my list of what I have done as well as what needs to get done from another site, but that would make this post extremely long, it's a halfway decent collection of mostly GW stuff. I will shorten this list to generalities which could change at any given time.

    GW Necrons (My original love of this hobby, currently trying to re-do in NMM, WILL need help)
    (Add MAS Bio-Tech Bases to the above, I consider awesome bases models in and of themselves if they are really cool)
    GW Orks (40K)
    GW Space Wolves
    GW Chaos (Both Marine and Daemon, 40K (and fantasy for Daemons)
    GW Eldar
    GW Dwarfs
    GW Skaven (For a friend, though I love the models)
    GW Lizardmen (Add MAS Jungle Bases)
    AOW Eventually I will do everything in this range!

    Current Projects ( All of the above are WIP however this is what I am working on as of this post)
    AOW Chaos Lord with Helmet, Sword, Shield (X-mas present for friend) in NMM and painted as expertly as I can!
    GW Soul Grinder
    The WAMP Wiki - A community driven repository aimed at the whole miniature painting community. Contributions can be made directly in the Wiki or by contacting the admin team here .
    Full Metal Dragon - A miniature/wargame/RPG/general entertainment business.
    My WIP Thread with a little bit of everything in it.
    Mini's painted in 2014: 0 / In progress - 5 (2 gaming mini's, 3 display mini's)

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    Welcome to WaMP!
    The eyes!, the EYES!!

    ...tapping fingers impatiently...


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      Welcome to another Washingtonian!!!
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        welcome to wamp
        I dont need luck what i need is valium!:grin

        my blog


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          "women are like minis - both are expensive hobbies, there's always better looking ones on the internet, many dont look so good with age. Only difference is minis are easier to strip" - Darklord

          "If you love something set it free. If it loves you it will come back for revenge" - From the Reaper Dark Maiden box.


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            welcome along buddy - plenty of help here when needed - a wide variety of GW armies there look forward to seeing them created
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              Hi Spectral Dragon & welcome to WAMP.

              A community driven repository aimed at the whole miniature painting community.
              Contributions can be made directly in the Wiki or by contacting the admin team here.


              "The concept of 'why' is way more important to understand than the question of 'how' (which is only ever a variation of 'get paint - paint paint')." - Orki, November 2010.


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                :madhouse: Enjoy your stay ^^
                In the flesh, on the phone and in your account..


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                  Welcome to WAMP


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                    Welcome to Wamp.

                    The roundest knight at King Arthur's round table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi.
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                      Welcome glad we've deceived you into thinking this is a friendly place - just wait


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                        :madhouse: Welcome to wamp my friend . You seem to have quite a collection there . You are really a Gw fan I would say .
                        " Griffins could never get though doors because of their own ego"

                        "I like to ask questions, to keep learning, however people with big egos might not want to look unsure " - Heston Blumenthal


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                          Welcome to WaMP!!

                          Current WIPs: 134 Undead (Mantic) + 46 Elves (Mantic) **the last plastic minis I plan to ever do**
                          Next WIP: Infinity Bakunin


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                            Welcome to WAMP! Nice to see, yet another painter, that lives within an hour of me!
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                              Hello and Welcome to WAMP