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  • Hello, hello, hello

    Hi everyone!

    You might have seen me on Wyrd or on CMoN occasionally. Been mini painting a little over two years now, as well as dabbling a bit with the Hirst Arts Castlemold stuff.

    Also do a bit of writing from time to time.

    See ya around!
    To equate intelligence and wisdom with occupation is, at best, insulting.

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    Welcome along Hinton, i think most of us know you ! hope you find it ok here, and there is a section for writing if you feel the urge, mate
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      Hey there Hinton, glad you came over here!
      "Who needs weights? Animals don't lift weights, and animals are STRONG!"
      -Chuck "the Truck" Wallace


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        Well hello there, Hinton. It's good to have you here.
        The eyes!, the EYES!!

        ...tapping fingers impatiently...


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          Hello, Hinton! Glad to see you here as well.


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            Hi Bryan. Are you still using my primer recipe? You need to show us what you're doing for IP so we can help. Welcome!
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              Hinton it is then..Welcome mate.


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                Sorry for the belated welcome - I've been traveling - but nice to see you here :)


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                  Welcome Hinton, know you from Wyrd.
                  "I lOVE your attitude Wag - painting for the hell of it, because you want to - one of the best things I did was invite you over here as to me you invoke the wamp spirit perfectly." - thankyou DL !

                  "'ve done things with Blood Bowl Orcs that I wouldn't have thought possible. Certainly wouldn't have thought they were sensible!..." - Lobo, Iron Painter 8 competition


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                    Thanks for the welcome everyone.

                    @DL: I can dig around and see about posting some of the stuff I've written in the past. Can't post anything I'm writing now; hopefully some of it will be available soon.

                    Yes, Liz, still using the primer recipe; wonderful stuff. I'll try to get some pics up, but probably won't be until tomorrow sometime.
                    To equate intelligence and wisdom with occupation is, at best, insulting.


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                      cool hnton, nice to have something to read once in a while!
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