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  • Down the rabbit hole I go...

    Hello, all.

    I am very happy to find this forum is still operating. The thread that pointed me here thought it was shut down.

    I have been 3D printing for about 14 months, now. As a newly retired Aerospace Systems Engineer, I find it scratches my itch to continuously learn something new
    I started out with no particular special interest other than continuously learning how to do it better.
    Once in a while, I would print and paint a figurine like Baby Yoda and post it to LinkedIn for the amusement of my peers.

    Recently, a colleague commented that he was looking forward to seeing me post an Iron Man action figure, and so my tumble into the rabbit hole began. I have zero artistic talent and no training or experience with airbrushes. I am able to modify and print other people’s STL models, and I do have a few Testor enamel paints and brushes, but my painted models are blotchy, finger-print covered and show print lines, so I decided to learn how to do better.

    Today, I started looking for online resources where I could research how figurines are painted properly, and Google brought me here, through a thread ion Reapermini. I also joined Scribd, which gives me unlimited ,access to like Osprey manuals and various model painting magazines, so now I just need to put in the work. I am looking forward to getting to know you good people a bit better, and hoping you can help me do better works.

    If I can answer any questions you may have about 3D printing, I am happy to do so.


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    Welcome along Steve, yeah we are still going despite Social Media being the main place these days (In my mind our hobby benefits from the ability to not lose a post 2 minutes after you saw it!)

    I would ditch the enamals for sure. Have a look in the articles section where we have some great tutorials and also the Portal magazine library is free to download (our now closed digital magazine) and its full of all sorts of great material. Plus of course ask away in here.

    3d printing is something im hoping to look at for Wamp in the future so I may well pick your brains at some point.

    Oh and shameless plug check out our store, we have most things to get going (paints, brushes,etc)
    Shop at the Wampstore


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      Thanks, Brett.

      When you are ready to start looking deeper into 3D-printing for miniatures and terrain, I strongly recommend checking this fellow out:

      While conventional wisdom would suggest that resin (SLA) printers are your best choice for smooth 28mm characters, Tom (a digital sculpter) actually gets great looking results from his Ender 3 FDM printer and he shows you how on his YouTube channel:

      3D model repositories like Thingiverse, Cults and MyMiniFactory offer easy ways to start downloading and printing other people's sculpts for free, to get started. 3D sculpting tools like Meshmixer, 3DF Zephyr, Z-brush and Blender provide options for modifying existing sculpts or creating your own, then exporting them for 3D printing.

      SLA printers produce resin models.
      FDM/FFF printers typically produce plastic models, though other options include nylon and polycarbonate and even the plastic filaments are available in powder-filled versions like "wood", "metal" and "carbon-fibre".

      You may already be familiar with, but if not, this particular model is currently my favourite of theirs:

      Hope some of that helps.