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  • Hiya, I'm Lisa from Afro Zombie

    Hiya, I'm Lisa from Afro Zombie and I'm one of the Co-Creators. My partner and I are getting ready to launch a Kick starter on the first of May this year called Steam Girls. Feedback on our steam girls would be appreciated and welcomed and feel free to ask any questions about the Girls.

    Steam Girls is a collection of six 75mm scale miniatures that targets collectors and enthusiasts with a taste for Steam punk style and high quality boutique figures.

    All concept art for each of the Steam Girls is completed and 3 out of 6 have been 3D sculpted.

    Kraken Hunter

    Steam City

    Jet Express

    Thanks, Afro Zombie Team.
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    Hi Lisa,
    good to try and help out fellow Wampers.
    I like the look of these. 75mm steam girls have a pretty saturated market but these are different.
    Some close up shots of the face and some other details would be good. I am unsure on the steam on the final sculpt (The steam needs to be there but it feels a bit graphic/cartoony for the rest of the sculpt for me)

    I would say get at least one of these printed and cast if possible.
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      Hey Lisa!
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        Welcome, Lisa! I like the idea. A little more cartoony (like Darklord said) - which to me makes them a little different and fun.

        The "undertaker to the undead" concept on seems to lack the steam side of things. Although I think she's pretty awesome. The other five have lots of steam elements in there.

        I'd love to see larger images of everything. "steam city" reminds me of the Masamune Shirow art below. :-)

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          The best thing my mates & I have done:

          Me on Putty&Paint


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            Hi Darklord,
            Thanks so much for the reply.
            I will bring the steam to the attention of my partner and the 3D sculptor and see if there is away to make it less cartoony. I had never noticed it myself but now that i have looked it is on the cartoony side.
            We are currently working on printing 'The Kraken Hunter' and then getting her away to be cast.

            Thank you so much for your feedback really appreciated.
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              Hi jkn,
              Thanks for the feedback.

              Yeah, compared to the other Girls the Undertaker to the Undead does seem to lack the steam side of things. This was actually the first of the steam girls to be designed and created, my partner was really in love with the idea of creating a Grim Reaper style girl, with the scythe and everything.

              I love the image you have attached, really awesome.
              I am currently working from my laptop that only has the limited images saved onto our shared dropbox for this project, so my images are limited. But i will work on uploading more images (close ups, etc) later on this evening.

              thank you for all the feedback it really is all appreciated :D

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                Love the look of these especially Jet Express
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                  Originally posted by waghorn41 View Post
                  Love the look of these especially Jet Express
                  Thank you waghorn41, i would have to say she is my favorite as well. :) Kraken Hunter would be a close second, i love her Kraken base.


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