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  • Hello All..


    I noticed that a few of my friends from the CoolMiniorNot forums are members of this forum, so I figured that I throw my hat into these forums as well. Been painting figures on and off for several years, but really started to pick it back up about an year or so ago. Before it was 1 color and then just let ink do the magic, but I have been trying to really improve my skills at it for the past year. I will post up some of my stuff and I'm very open to any feedback that the members here want to give me. I really appreciate your time looking at my stuff..


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    Welcome to the wampness Khonner, you'll find plenty of FRIENDLY advice on here.
    "I lOVE your attitude Wag - painting for the hell of it, because you want to - one of the best things I did was invite you over here as to me you invoke the wamp spirit perfectly." - thankyou DL !

    "'ve done things with Blood Bowl Orcs that I wouldn't have thought possible. Certainly wouldn't have thought they were sensible!..." - Lobo, Iron Painter 8 competition


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      welcome along mate, whos your buddies, are they the cool Kids or is it Scottradom?
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        The best thing my mates & I have done:

        Me on Putty&Paint


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          Dude, i only just beat you here by days. I joined reaper too. Soon I'll be spending more time on forums about painting than actually painting


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            I noticed that you and Bailey were on these forums so I jumped over here too. I figure having another group of eyes giving me tips couldn't hurt.. I managed to pick up a talon airbrush for an early Christmas present. Life has been so crazy that I haven't touched painting in a few days and the blasted new toy ain't even out of the box yet. I'm hoping to start messing with it this weekend.


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              Welcome new guys, great to have you here.

              @Zab, We all do that (Its called procrastination) we even have our own Guru committed to it. If you need advice on any aspect of procrastination look up our dear friend Jkn, he can teach you all you need to know.


              (you know we love you John)
              "Keep your brush wet and our humour dry." :cheeky:


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                Welcome to the WAMP! Airbrushes can be a lot of fun, get that baby out!