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  • Wamp: The future, need your opinion

    Ok peeps, Ive been looking towards the future in regards to Wamp and how to keep it useful.

    In recent years Facebook and social media in general has hit forums hard (not just Wamp but all of them) and forum traffic has dropped dramatically across the board. How people utilise the internet has changed a lot and that has an effect on Wamp and other sites.

    So I wanted to get your opinons on what (if anything) should be done to keep Wamp relevant.

    I welcome all feedback but heres a few things I wondered:

    Should Wamp be streamlined, sub forums removed or merged? Get rid of things like the arcade, wiki,etc?

    Do you still use the gallery and do you use it for the voting system or more as a storage facility for posting on Wamp?

    Would bringing back regular news be viable in light of how social media spreads it?

    Could Wamp integrate better with Social Media? Instagram perhaps?

    Would you welcome back the contests?
    Would changing to a more 'facebook' like look and feel be better?

    I am sure there are other aspects you may have an opinion on so please let me know, good or bad!!
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    WAMP is getting smaller by the year. It's very noticeable this time where I'd been away a year and then came back a couple days ago.

    Many of the sub-forums haven't had posts in a long time - yes drop a bunch, consolidate, streamline.

    What I like here is it's a small group of dedicated people. Yeah - I float in and out and probably drive most of you nuts, but I like it here and I support the group. I also joined the Miniature Monthly patreon and just discovered their Discord chat server. I also love quite a few facebook groups, but most of those are overwhelming.

    My favorite place to be online is a tiny private slack channel with just a few musician friends. Very similar to the Miniature Monthly Discord - smaller group. Not overwhelmed by random people like facebook / twitter.

    Just rambling a bit - nothing overly helpful though.
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      Personally, I think social media sucks for actually discussing and developing painting. I much prefer forums. But a bit of streamlining would make the place feel busier, which seems to keep some forums livelier. Beyond that I donít think I have anything useful or relevant to say!

      I keep meaning to try and enter some contests, I like them, but Iím a slow painter and drift between projects so it never quite seems to work out...
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        as the guys have already said, streamline the sub-forums a bit to make it a bit more compact.
        also, comptitions are good and I do try to enter as many as I can (managed to enter two here in 2017). Gallery, I use for competitions (and linking outside of wamp forum of my entries here). I do go through it regularly (once a fortnight at the moment - would be more if there were more content).

        Social media can be useful, but usually ONLY if the (for instance) FB groups are kept small. as soon as they grow, they are just a bunch of random posts with next to no real communication. Also, finding or searching through content is a b!tch.

        hope this rambling of mine helps
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          cheers Guys. I fully agree about forums being great for finding discussion again. Social Media is good for an instant hit but its hard to find stuff again. I think especially for long term WIP and the like you cannot beat forums.
          Part of the quieting down is due to the Kickstarter taking more of my time so once its done I hope to be more active from this end.

          Whats your feeling on finding news on Wamp?
          Also would an up to date events calender of events (not just Wamp ones) be useful?
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            A calendar of painting shows and competitions would be great, I still don’t know half the events that exist, let alone when they are

            Then I might actually finish some display pieces and get off my big fat ass!
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              More random thoughts and rehashing a few:

              I love reading news about new releases. If everyone posted news from their favorite companies - that would be very cool.

              There's no reason to move off the current platform unless it has issues behind the scenes.

              Forum is much better than anything else for what this is.

              I've enjoyed the gallery a lot in the past. I've never uploaded to it. (no one is shocked by this)

              I'm looking for one or two small "homes" to be when I paint. This is one of them. I've always loved it here whenever I get the painting / collecting bug. I would like to help it keep running.

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                Would love to see Wamp come back to life. I only use two forums actively, and both suffer the same challenges. Instagram and Twitter are my preferred social media for hobby action, as I genuinely dislike Facebook, but nothing beats a forum as a platform for this.

                Some suggested quick wins to streamline what's on the site, but the summary version would be "less is more".

                • If a feature or forum section hasn't been used in earnest in 12-18 months, then it's no longer relevant or needs its profile raised so we know to use it.
                • Never used the gallery as I host images on my blog then cross-link from there.
                • The wiki link is a dead link anyway, so guess that can be removed :)
                • A calendar of events sounds good, but ensure it allows people to contribute rather than the onus on just you updating it.
                • Wasn't aware of the Arcade until you mentioned it. Seems unnecessary and only one person (GreyHorde) has played anything in the last year.
                • Drop the Commission Painters section. Everyone knows DOI and your own webpage link is broken so that doesn't do much for anyone.
                • Blogs. One post in the last 2.5 years?
                • Groups. One group updated in the 1.5 years?

                Header Menu
                • You have a mix of and links but if you registered with one then password managers ask you to log in again to the other. Pick one and standardise. Minor quibble.

                • Do you need Contests in the menu when it's prominent as a forum section? Consider retiring The Wamp Ladder and merging Contests into the Wamp section.
                • Slim down the events section and just use topic name tags to identify the region e.g. [UK] Salute 2018 rather than a specific sub-forum.
                • Archive old forums so posts can be pulled out from the admin side if needed. Never delete.

                Darklord's original questions
                • Would bringing back regular news be viable in light of how social media spreads it? No. You'll always be behind.
                • Could Wamp integrate better with Social Media? Instagram perhaps? Possibly! I notice the wampforum Facebook page has far more regular updates, even integrating that as a news feed down to the side could be good.
                • Would you welcome back the contests? Yes, but you need participants. This is a real struggle when on Twitter you can join in just with a hashtag. We did try just a four-way and it was only me who finished ...
                • Would changing to a more 'facebook' like look and feel be better? No, but that's very subjective on my part :)
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                  I hate facebook but it's killed the forum game. I want WAMP to remain relevant but doing it off the other platforms seems swimming upstream. Facebook and the pther platforms are great for showing off but not for getting feedback and trying to navigate to search for relevant info is impossible. I'm down for getting this ****s kicking off strong again!
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                    ^^ what he said.

                    I honestly have no idea what the solutions mights be though.

                    Looking around it seems to me that the forums that aren't painting dedicated, but have painting sections (because people are painting stuff up for their games) like ammobunker or dakka might be doing a bit better.

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                      thanks guys, this all helps and its all in line with stuff I already thought pretty much.

                      It will help of course when I am back in the mix more.

                      One thing I do want to do going forward is bring in at least 1 moderator to help with things so if anyone wants to throw their hat in the ring let me know.
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                        More rambling from me below... tl;dr - keep the forum.

                        Search is nearly impossible on facebook and twitter. A facebook group does usually have a search box and it's helpful - but not perfect - and facebook is so fickle on changing features it'll probably not be there. Twitter relies on hashtags - after all this time I finally started seeking out miniature people on twitter instead of musicians and discovered the #miniaturemondays and #wipwednesday .. .#warmongers etc... I just can't get into instagram - I try - but it's so far removed from encouraging comments.

                        I ran a decent music community on the Ning platform for years (2008-1014 ish). I've admin / modded music forums for years. Everything's changed so much since Usenet.

                        Actual forums like this are still the best place for posts and threads where it's relatively easy to find something. However, Slack and discord are both pretty cool. Costly but cool. I am enjoying Miniature Monthly's discord.
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                          I’d throw my hat into the ring to be a mod, but I wouldn’t want to volunteer if I wouldn’t have enough one to do it properly - what kind of things do you want the mod(s) to do?
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                            cheers, its nothing hard. In fact even when Wamp was super busy mods barely did anything!
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                              I will never be a mod. You hear me! NEVER! Take that.
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                              -Chuck "the Truck" Wallace