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Woodland Scenics in flames!

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  • Woodland Scenics in flames!

    Bloody Hell!
    Oooh. That's a BINGO!
    This is grapeshot. This is what it does.

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    Yikes... looks like everyone's okay. Here's to hoping for a fast recovery!
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      oh man.... Thats some scary stuff. Glad everyone got out okay. Great to hear they were prepared and locals all pitched in and helped out.


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        Note to self - In the event of fire, do NOT use woodland scenics water effects to attempt to douse said fire.... :06:
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        You people scare me


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          And I always thought it was Vallejo that did Smoke not WS
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            What do you expect if that place catches fire, all those products are just kindling! The city planers should have their license revoked as you can see what the toll is to put out a fire from a company that makes said products. Companies like that should not be in an area were resources are limited.


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              Although, looks like there won't be too much of a shortage in stuff, long term ...

              Updated from Woodland Scenics:

              Dear all,

              As you may have heard we have experienced a fire here at Woodland Scenics and there is good news and bad news. The good news is that no one was hurt during the fire or evacuation process. The bad news is that it took out a couple of our manufacturing buildings. However, and fortunately, there is more good news than bad.

              We encompass multiple buildings that are spread out all over the town of Linn Creek. We only lost two of those buildings and those two contained just a small portion of our manufacturing facilities. Our shipping department, warehouse and corporate offices were spared any damage, as were most of our manufacturing buildings, so it is business as usual.

              Thanks for all your concerns.


              Gale Cousins
              Director of Sales & Customer Service
              Woodland Scenics
              Oooh. That's a BINGO!
              This is grapeshot. This is what it does.


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                Glad their fire plans were good!


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                  Nice that they have their business carved up across dofferent buildings. There's an explosives company near here that has 1/4 mile separating their underground bunkers

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                    Glad everyone is ok and that business is not permanently hurt.

                    hmmm, different kind of forest fire though, isn't it?

                    (Naturally the only reason I can joke is because everything is mostly allright)

                    This made me pick up my bottle of water effects and realize that I never would have picked it up and be able to experiment with water effects were it not for this company. Cheapest stuff I could find.

                    Hopefully they had insurance on those buildings. Might be a blessing in disguise as they can now put better buildings in place depending on if they owned it or not, and the type of insurance they had.
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                      Woodland Sciences fire update posted on their site:

                      Many of you may have already heard that we had a fire at our manufacturing plant in Linn Creek, Missouri on Thursday, January 5, 2012. We have much to be thankful for.

                      We are most grateful that no one was hurt. Our employees followed evacuation procedures to the letter, getting everyone out of here, accounted for and shutting down power sources.

                      The Osage Beach Fire Department and several other responding fire departments were amazing. They responded quickly and their professionalism and tireless efforts successfully contained the fire.

                      The determined cause of the fire was the failure of an electrical motor, and the fire took eight percent of our total facilities. Manufacturing and shipping operations in other buildings continued even as the firefighters fought the blaze.

                      Several of us returned to work Friday morning to assist with clean-up and get business operations up and running. We took orders and shipped product, and some of us even worked through the weekend to make sure that we were all back to work Monday morning, January 9.

                      We are so grateful for the outpouring of support we received from our friends and customers. We heard from folks from all over the world. We are very appreciative and humbled by all the encouragement, prayers and offers to help. Thanks again!

                      We still have some clean-up to do, but we are back to business as usual!