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SNP calling for Scottish independance

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    Nah, they're Irish.


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      Originally posted by Orki View Post
      Nah, they're Irish.
      Are you sure? I always thought St. Patrick drove all the Leprechauns out of Ireland to Scotland with his magic flute.
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        Originally posted by ScottRadom View Post
        Are you sure? I always thought St. Patrick drove all the Leprechauns out of Ireland to Scotland with his magic flute.
        think they shipped em to the US to work in the Lucky Charms factory
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          I have no doubt that Scotland would be able to survive as an independent country, but the question is, at what cost? How would the standard of living and the general economy survive and for how long? Even the most optimistic forecasts predict scraping even after independence, with most predicting a drop in the Scottish economy.

          I can't help but feel that the very strong Scottish patrotism and national identity is being manipulated by the SNP to gain extra powers. I don't think they want anyone to call their bluff on this, they're just using it as a bargaining chip.

          I think both the shrunken UK and an independent Scotland would suffer from separation because each side would lose what is essentially an economic ally. For Scotland, particularly, they would be faced with a very serious and possibly deal-breaking decision, namely that of currency.

          They have three options that I see, make a new currency (call it the Scottish pound), join the Euro or retain pounds sterling (possibly renaming it pounds Stirling). Each is fraught with real danger.

          1) Scottish pound - a new mint would need to be built, or a foreign mint would need to be paid to make the money for them and then the specifics of exchange rate etc.. would need sorting, a relatively minor problem. But no new currency would be able to get credit from other countries except at crippling interest rates. At the best of times, no-one is going to want to trade using an unknown currency with no credit rating or history ... but in times of economic instability? Forget it.

          2) Join the Euro. Ha. Good luck with that.

          3) Keep pounds sterling. This has been the preferred option as chosen by the SNP - the Bank of England controls Scotland currency now, so what would be the difference? Well, the difference would be that the Bank of England would no longer be looking to maintain an economic ally, they would be controlling the finances of a foreign rival. Now, what is good for Scotland is good for the UK, is good for the Bank of England. After a split, the Bank of England would be able to use its powers to broker the most favourable conditions possible for what is left of the UK at the expense of a rival nation.

          That's not even going into such things as border controls, duties etc.. concerning the nation who would be sitting on Scotland's only land border. What if the UK decided to get back the money Scottish independence cost us by hiking up import/export duties through British land and water territories?

          Scotland could go it alone, but I don't see any reason for it beyond nationalist pride, and attractive as it is to individuals who want to assert more than a cultural identity, it's hardly the basis for solid government policy. It would hurt the UK and it would probably hurt Scotland.
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