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  • Baaah!

    So, I noticed I got myself a ton of awards... That's nice and all, but I can't find why or what the 'Goat herder' reward is. Anyone able to enlighten me in this issue? :D

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    Goat Herder is your 'rank' among the mighty, then you move up to Cabana and the girls can have their fun
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      If you click on the quick links tab towards the top of the page and then select experience you will be able to see all the awards and achievemnets and what they are from from the tabs on that page
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        Just a few more posts and you'll have reached the dubious honour of Cabana boyhood :insertevillaughhere
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          @Undave: I'd better waste those posts on something counter-productive then! :D

          Thing is, I've found the achievement page, that was easy enough since it's in the same spot in every other forum that has it as well, and thus I've found every other achievement and award, but not those ranking 'awards'...

          Thanks all!

          At least I know what that is now then and I won't get too shocked when it changes. You see, I'm a bit of an achievement whore and I miight get a little obsessed over where they come from. :D