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    Some may have seen that I've mentioned work on a new show. Pre-production on the first 10 episodes is pretty much done and I plan on filming to start next week.

    However, I'm not sure just how long some of the episodes may be time-wise; I'm shooting for 15 minutes or less, but some may go a bit over that mark. YouTube has a limit of 10 minutes; because of that, I looked around at other options and I know several web shows that use

    After looking into it, I started an account and uploaded a few videos. I was wondering if I could ask all of you for help to see how they operate.

    How are the load times?
    How's the quality?
    Ease of use?

    All of that.

    Unfortunately the video link doesn't recognize blip information, so I only have the link.

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    RGM Review: Zombie Horde (Wargames Factory)

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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    ha! I missed the Jayne Cobb "I'll be in bunk" line the first time.

    The video loaded right up for me. A few spots had sound/video off and the picsture was a bit grainy, but overall I think it was decent quality.

    Good luck with the shows!


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      The video loaded up fine for me. It loaded very quickly, sound and vision look fine as well.

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        The first one took an age for me, so long that I gave up. (Although I should say I am incredibly impatient, probably on a par with the average internet user ) The second one loaded fine.
        Re-tried the first one and it worked fine.

        To be fair that happens to me with youtube sometimes as well.

        Quality looked fine and no problems with the interface.
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          Worked fine for me as well and I use mobile broadband.


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            Both loaded fine & speedily, the picture was a little jerky at times but still watchable.

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              Both loaded and played fine no problems for me either
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                Thanks for the feedback, everyone!
                To equate intelligence and wisdom with occupation is, at best, insulting.