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Circle of Blood by Last Bullet Games- KS Coming in June

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  • Circle of Blood by Last Bullet Games- KS Coming in June

    Hi everyone,
    I've been asked to help promote Circle of Blood, an RPG-light miniature skirmish game, to the English speaking communities.

    Since there is a lot of promotional material out there in Spanish, and a lot coming along in English, I'll post just a bit to introduce the game to you.

    The game can be played solo, cooperatively, and competitively. Characters will gain new skills, level up, and more. Each player will use 3 to 5 miniatures to accomplish your goals.

    The setting of the game takes place in the dark victorian / fantasy city of Gormalak- A once wealthy but lost city, Gormalak has recently been reinhabited and is seeking her former glory. Recently a network of underground tunnels and catacombs has been exposed and all manner of dark, creepy things are coming forth into the town. In addition, the monsters, brigands, bandits, and other ne'er-do-wells lurk within the streets of Gormalak. Will you defend the city against the evil-doers or seek your fortune exploring the vast network of tunnels of Infragorma?


    The plan is to have a Kickstarter this June, with the goal of translating the rules into English and releasing six hero models, nine monsters (gnolls), and other accessories. Currently, there are some hardback copies of the game available in Spanish, and there are have been several unboxings and reviews, all done in Spanish. I'm hoping to help bring the rules to the English speaking communities.

    The renders of the six hero models can be previewed on the Last Bullet Games youtube channel. We will be able to show shots of the actual hero models in the next couple of weeks, and James Wappel has been tasked with painting up one of them for promotional purposes. I'm attaching images of the six models below, as well.

    Please let me know if you have any questions!

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