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Warhammer end times? Anyone else read it?

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  • Warhammer end times? Anyone else read it?

    Anyone else read End Times: Archaon yet?
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    Not yet, still trying to find the time to get through the rest of Thanquol. On the list though.
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      I've watched this entire series from the sidelines. The rumors kept me away, and the reveals validated my reluctance. I may be misinformed, since I haven't read anything myself, but why invest in the characters and plot of a half-dozen novels, when everything just evaporates in the end?

      I thought the old setting was rich, classic, and compelling. Fertile ground for infinite expansion. I think relegating the setting to hobby history is a huge misstep by GW. Time will tell, though.
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        I have it to read I have read Khain and the fall of alfdulf but not reading that till the others are done.