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    I've started listing to pod casts at work. Prob not too interested in battle reports type stuff but gaming / painting related stuff would be okay.

    Right now I listen to:
    Science Talk and
    Market Watch

    Any good ones you would reccomend? What are you all listening to?

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    I've not found a straight hobby related podcast. Some gaming ones I've listened to off and on have a hobby section but nothing that is easy to listen to. I'm guessing either because trying to convey painting/modeling information through only audio is super challenging or it's being done by people who are primarily gamers and their hobby-talk isn't much beyond a basecoat, wash and drybrush.

    I do listen to a lot of podcasts done by comedians where the funny tends to show up whether the topic is serious or not.

    A few I never miss an episode of are:
    Nerd Poker - D&D with Brian Posehn and friends is a regular D&D session with a bunch of comedians who have been playing for quite a while together.
    The Indoor Kids - video game podcast with Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon - both of them are funny
    Comedy Bang Band - sketch comedy/mock-interview podcast - tv show is based on this podcast. I find the podcast much better. Best of 2013 are the most recent episodes and are good to start with to get a feel of it.
    The Podcast Eating Contest - Old episodes - they're not putting them out regularly any longer. Just regular guys doing their own sketch comedy bits and chatting. Some of the best is when they play the Michael McDonald game. Which is 2 of them name a song and make the 3rd person sing it in the styling of Michael McDonald.
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      d6 Generation: mature and professional (but fun!) all-purpose hobby gamer's podcast. Boardgames, miniatures games, and hobbying. News, reviews, and interviews. Very popular.
      GarageHammer: Midwest Warhammer Fantasy scene.
      Combat Phase: All things tabletop miniatures games.
      Blog: Mini Mayhem - The Blog!


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        Been checking out radio lab and stuff you should know. Will check these out too, thanks


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          i listen to garagehammer and its spin off a horus heresy book club kind of thing, packet pushers, mainly for work but if you like science ones then the infinte monkey cage is worth a listen has robin ince (a comedian) and brian cox hosting.
          another is star talk that talks astronomy
          have to love freebies