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2014 and the year ahead

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  • 2014 and the year ahead

    Well, 2013 has gone by thankfully, it was a rather crappy year all in all.... this year is already looking busy..

    We have Cynthia's family coming over for 6 weeks from China, that should be interesting...
    That is the reason why all my hobby stuff is packed away into storage, and will most likely stay there until we move from Wales. Thats one of the big plans for this year to relocate, seems we've both gotten tired of living in the back of This means I won't be doing much in the way of painting for the first 6 months of the year. Though I'll still be doing some gaming, though it'll mostly likely be board games rather than miniature based gaming.

    So I plan to spend more time on my other past time, which is Photography..the plan is to do a lot more Street Photography and photographing motor Racing events. We're also hoping to get back to China this year in the summer, tough that's dependant on when we relocate.

    Regarding Irregular Magazine, we have some pending plans for the will no longer be a downloadable PDF in 2014. We plan to revamp the website and make it more multimedia orientated, though the first 15 issues in PDF will remain online for download. More information will be announced when myself and the remaining team members have discussed how we plan to move forward.

    Wel that's all for now, has anyone else got anything planned for 2014..,

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    get married, buy a car...

    as for the real important things in life: finish my Malifaux modular board, hopefully finish my Normski challenge (though even I doubt it by now LOL), organize a couple six local gaming events and two international gaming tournaments and a painting competition (and hopefully have something to enter there...) ...
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      You Guys seem to have a lot on!! Busy Busy!!

      I on the other Hand have No plans at all!! Hobby wise I need to finish a few projects once I get My Son's Harlequins out the way!

      I also have a couple of WAMPed entries to finish!

      Got few Decorating tasks to do which need my attention.

      And I plan on getting to a few Painting/Miniature events this year but no idea which ones. My Son wants to go back to GW GamesDay so that probably one of them.

      Ive got no life changing events planned but I do need to shed a lot of weight so thats my main goal really!!

      apart from that!! got Nowt lol