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New Year Resolutions - Got Any?

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  • New Year Resolutions - Got Any?

    Anyone making any resolutions for the New Year and care to put them in stone (well, ok, a relatively easily delatable thread in a forum but we'll call it stone for now). They could be absolutely anything, not just miniature painting.

    I've got a few things I'd like to do this year -
    1. Get a Job
    2. Paint 2 usable armies from the same system by May/Whenever my battleboard turns up
    3. Paint at least one model per calendar month
    4. Enter Comps and finish the entries
    5. Spend less money on Kickstarter (2013 saw me spend more than 6 Baneblades on there)
    6. Continue writing for Portal
    7. Get my Youtube channel off the ground
    8. Plan more and start writing the book that has been floating around in my head for the past 6 months.

    So, over to you guys
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    I have a few New Year Resolutions that I would like to keep for at least three weeks
    1. Paint a full army for hordes
    2. Find a better or at least a full time job
    3. Go out to the bar at least once every two months and have fun
    4. Hold a contest for malifaux in my area
    5. Hold a painting contest
    That's all I have so far see how long it will last


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      Paint more. Buy Less. :no:
      "Keep your brush wet and our humour dry." :cheeky:


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        Im not making a resolution, I just want to lose weight and be happy!! not much to ask for really is it


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          I rarely keep resolutions, but I'll attempt to make more of an effort this year (I say this every year too!). First up, hobby resolutions:

          1. Finish my GK army for sale (offers accepted!).
          2. Finish my IG/renegade army.
          3. Paint the 40k DV box contents- sell the Dark Angels, keep the C:SM.
          4. Paint Dreadfleet! (sell my second copy-still sealed, offers accepted!).
          5. Paint WHFB High Elves.
          6. Make a folding 8 x 4 games table.
          7. Make a load of scenery.
          8. Attempt to make some money from painting and modelling.
          9. Paint something other than GW/Citadel.
          10. Improve my (almost non existent) photography skills.
          11. Enter a Wamp competition/ladder contest.
          12. Buy something from the Wampstore!
          13. Contribute something back to the community (probably non-financial, but something).

          And now for the real life resolutions:

          1. Learn to drive!
          2. Pass my bike test!
          3. Move out of my parents house.
          4. Get a better job (this one sucks, but it's a regular, if meagre income).
          5. Quit smoking.
          6. Cut down on the booze.
          7. Eat more healthily.
          8. Clear debts.
          9. Tend my allotment more.
          10. AoB!

          Looking back on both lists I'd say most of it is achievable. We'll see!