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  • Bitcoins

    Anyone buying these?
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    But I work in the global currency markets and have been keeping half an eye on stuff like this. Interesting idea.


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      well they started at $10 each they are now around $900 each!

      Bitlite are starting to move too.

      Wish Simoleons would, got plenty of those!!

      Pete you deal in forecasts n currency? would love to know your thoughts on v € over the next 6 months
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        Well, I rarely forecast cross currency pairs and I'm more of a spreadsheet/reporting grunt that works on business development in the FX markets than an actual trader. (cross = anything without USD in the pair) I know, us yanks are so self centered.

        I can respond in PM later once I'm not on a work machine. I just got an emai last week about not posting anything about markets on forumns and chat rooms from a work computer.


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          Bitcoin is very volatile right now, as governments and central banks grapple with this challenge to their fiat currency. Do they ignore/attack virtual currencies as a threat, or do they get on board and regulate/tax it. Bitcoin is suffering from gyrations, as the powers-that-be send contradicting signals. Tread carefully.
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            Haha, was forwarded an article today about a bunch of London traders trying to control fx prices through chat rooms and Im and a big investigation on it. I now know why I got that email. My institution is clean yet again!

            now that I'm home, i see the eur falling against usd and gbp going the other way. So I'd like to be long pounds / short euro. If you have any specific question, I could ping a trader tomorrow. I'm skeptical of the euro over all though. Too many countries with their own agendas and no monetary policy to achieve it. Great idea in theory, like communism, but I'm just waiting for something big and bad to happen, and the resulting landslide. Personal opinion though and it has endured so far!


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              did you hear about the guy threw out his harddrive with his $9m of bitcoins on them.

              They dropped a little while ago as China tried to block them but China failed.

              My reason for asking Pete is I buy and sell across the Euro and US (though less so) so guaging what might occur helps me evaluate whether stock is worth pulling in
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