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  • The Video Game Thread

    And lets kick off with awesome news!

    fallout 4 is on the way and its set in Boston

    The intro will begin with the series' staple passage, "War. War never changes," only this time, it will be narrated by the player character rather than the disembodied voice of Ron Perlman. In fact, the leaked documents suggest that Bethesda was looking for both male and female voices for the protagonist, who begins the game awakening from cryosleep.

    Locations mentioned include the Commonwealth, the Fallout universe's version of Massachusetts, and the Institute, the post-apocalyptic rendition of MIT after years of rot have tarnished the M and the T away.
    Leaked characters include a radio DJ named Travis Miles, an engineer named Sturges, and a guy named Preston Garvey who wants you to fetch a fusion core from a Commonwealth museum.
    Fallout 3 is one of my all time favourite games
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    So far in Fallout 3 I've gotten out of the Bunker...

    I tend to get a game, start it, play Fifa, get a new game, start it, play more Fifa.

    I haven't completed all achievements in any console game since I got my 360 3 years ago, but I have finished a few campaigns - Space Marine, Dragon Age 2, Battlefield 3, Skyrim (minus the DLC), Fable 3, Halo Reach, Mass Effect 1, Mass Effect 2 (the last 2 were done just racing through, finished just before 3 came out). Thats actually a bigger list than I thought it would be.

    Should boredom set in, I have a pretty large stockpile of games on the not finished/not started pile. Off the top of my head (just the full games, not arcade). This is also just on xbox, ignoring my steam account:

    Gears of War
    Dead Rising 2 (also got this on disc but it was free)
    Spiderman - Shattered Dimensions
    Lego Batman 2 - DC Superheroes
    Assassins Creed 2

    Lego Harry Potter 1-4
    Lego Harry Potter 5-8
    Lego Marvel Super Heroes
    Lego Lord of the Rings
    Fallout 3
    Fallout New Vegas
    Tomb Raider
    Remember Me
    Lollypop Chainsaw
    Batman: Arkham Asylum (one mission away from storyline completion)
    Batman: Arkham City
    Mass Effect 3
    Injustice: Gods Among Us (campaign complete but so much other stuff to do)
    Crackdown 1
    Crackdown 2
    Dragon Age Origins
    Dragon Age Awakening
    Dragon Age 2 (not completed on console)
    Halo 3
    Red Dead Redemption
    Kingdoms of Amaldur: Reckoning
    Resident Evil 5

    Then the usual incompletable games in Forza 3 and Fifas 11-14

    That list looks worse than my painting to do list...
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      I've got very few things on my video game plate at the moment, just Heroes of Dragon Age on mobile, and Path of Exile on PC. Nothing out there appeals to me very much.


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        I'll have to check out the new Fallout, not a huge fan of F3 but I love the old ones a lot.

        I haven't really played any games in quite some time now and at the same time the evil (not really) Humble Bundle keeps me adding games to my Steam account.

        Does anyone have any good suggestions for a good turned based strategy game? I've played more or less all Paradox titles, all the Civ games and all the other bigger games.


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          The new X-Com reboot is pretty good. Or you could just play the original X-Com.

          There's also Masters of Eador - it's a bit of a grind, to be honest, and I gave up, but it's quite good initially.


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            I just bought 4 games for my very dusty ps3...

            * Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate
            * Tekken Tag Tournament 2
            * Mortal Kombat Komplete
            * Need For Speed - Hot Pursuit

            I rarely play games - so like the ones I can play for 30 minutes and then put away again. ;-)
            Overly obsessed with: Perry Samurai, Red Box Games Dwarves, Ral Partha, and Dragons.


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              So I'm not the only one that plays the game for the first week and then lets it collect dust?


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                I had a shelf full of games i was never going to play so i sold half of them to buy new games,...

                Long ago I promised myself i would only buy a new game when i had finished another. Yeah, right. With a very limited amount of time and way too many interests the pile of unfinished games always dominates the pile of finished ones. Oh, and i love rpg's and other content heavy games so that's another hurdle to overcome.

                anyway, the games i would heartily recommend:
                - fallout 3 (one of my alltime favourites!), looking forward to New Vegas
                - Oblivion (playing it now, i really want to finish it before i start Skyrim)
                - FF XIII (pretty, pretty pictures!)
                - Zelda, skyward sword (it's Zelda, what can i say :))
                - xcom!
                - mass effect, just about to start number 2

                I really have to limit my playing time because if i play the same game too often i burn out on it. I started oblivion for the fourth time and i always started wandering around, trying to find hidden dungeons without really following the storyline. This is actually the first time i'm doing the storyline quests.


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                  Who managed to get Flappy Bird before it was pulled? And can you beat my high score of 16?
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                    had to google that!

                    Looks about as much fun as helicopter
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                      Aye, though it is addictive as hell. Plus it was making the creator $50k a day in advertising revenue.
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                        Anyone playing the cheesy warcraft rippoff Clash of Clans? I just started last night becuase some friends play and want me in their clan. Pretty fun so far.


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                          Xbox are dropping the price of the Xbone in the UK by 30 to 399, but are also sticking Titanfall in the package as of friday.

                          This is good news. What is bad news, however, is that Titanfall isn't fully released until March 14th, so isn't playable until then.

                          This deal makes it roughly the same price as a PS4 with PS Move or whatever their kinnect thing is called.
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                            sales hurting them then.

                            Still wouldnt touch one. PS4 much better option
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                              Aye, PS4 are outselling them 2:1 apparently, but sales of the Xbone are still stronger than those of the 360 at release.
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