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  • Airmail to your doorstep

    As DL has been posting sciency stories today, how about this one:

    I bet they still can't carry more than four pots of paint though
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    I'm loving the 'unmanned drone surrounded by six sets of spinning blades delivering parcels to places with children or pets' approach. Chaos will no doubt ensue!
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      As long as it keeps the cranky post man who literally throws packages onto my doorstep and then when I confront him about it he blatentally tells me he's retiring in two months and does give a $hit.

      So yeah, good for you Amazon.

      Do you know Amazon has yet to take a profit? They are growing so dfast they continue to reinvest everything to keep up.


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        Amazon drone pirates start planning now!


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          At least people won't have to worry about Drone strikes.

          That said, the fact that this was released on Amazon's busiest day of the year (think Amazon UK were getting 47 orders a second on average) on Cyber Monday could mean that it is just a publicity stunt to get them talking and visiting the site.

          Plus, how much are postage costs with these things? Are they covered by Prime?
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            Heard you'd have to set up a special landing pad for them, so you could put them on your roof or somewhere they wouldn't be in danger of hurting people.

            Suprised they don't just leap frog the whole delivery thing and offer Amazon 3d printers and when you buy something it just prints it out for you.


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              Someone is bound to shoot one of the bloody things out of the sky with an air rifle! I know id be tempted!