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    Picked up the Resident Evil 1-4 blu ray box for 9 from Amazon a couple of days ago. Seen them all before but the first three sort of melded together into something I can't quite remember thanks to most of a bottle of rum and a large crate of beer between three of us. I remember Colin Salmon getting cubed and zombies getting smited but thats about it.

    Looking forward to watching them and remembering them.

    @Normski - Amazing Spiderman was good, so nice to have a witty Spidey rather than a moping around moody Spidey from the first three (I only bothered with 1 and 2).

    Man of Steel is also rather good. I'm not a Superman person (used to not be a DC person but Arrow and the Dark Knight trilogy have pulled me across slightly) thanks to not really liking the idea of him being completely invulnerable "apart from that one little bitty thing". Still, was a good movie. Not enough humour but plenty of action.

    Hottest Redhead on the planet? I'd throw Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain into that category as well, both were very good in Gangster Squad and Lawless respectively.
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      Wonder Woman has been thrown into Superman vs Batman, with Gal Gadot (the hot biker lady from Fast and Furious) set to play her. Article from Empire
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        Originally posted by Brambleten View Post
        Gal Gadot (the hot biker lady from Fast and Furious)
        "Rawwwr! <sniff, sniff> I smell skanks! Beet it before I leave skid marks on your face"
        Always love that bit.

        Watched the new remake of Red Dawn last night. What a terrible movie. thank god it was only and hour and a half. What a piss take this movie is. Of course it wouldn't be as good as the original, but by god they didn't even try. Is the newer audience that stupid that they just make movies to that level and expect people to accept it? Ugh, between this movie and the Walking dead, I had a terrible night of viewing trash. Maybe thats a sign I need to paint more.


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          I just spotted a link on Bramble's Wonder Woman page for a movie with Rocket Raccoon. There's a bunch of other people in it that I've never heard of too but hopefully this means that he'll have his own spin off like Wolverine did. I used to love the RR strip when it was in the back of Transformers. Loonies and Killer clowns FTW!
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            I wouldn't be sure about a standalone film, it was hard enough to push Marvel to do Guardians of the Galaxy, never mind working on individual members of the team. It would be like doing a standalone film about The Human Torch instead of The Fantastic Four.

            The production team of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom couldn't have timed its release any better - It was released last week and upon seeing Idris Elba at one point, Mandela asked if it was footage of him that was being shown.
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              Just saw HG: Catching Fire last Sunday. They followed the book fairly closely, with condensing. It was a good movie.
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                Ever wondered how many kills Arnold Schwarzenegger makes in his film career? If you have, here is a little something to help you...

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                  I was kinda hoping for a running death count up in the left hand corner or something, but not bad. No Conan the musical, but not bad over all :)


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                    @Neatpete, when you don't see something in the top left, look in the bottom right...


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                      With the Christmas spirit upon many, there are Christmas films on the telly everywhere. My question is this - do you have a favourite? I know a lot of people like Elf and were unhappy when it was revealed it wouldn't be on free tv this Christmas (think it was on Sky). I'm personally not a fan of Will Ferrell (other than The Other Guys, but thats mainly down to Eva Mendes) so don't really like Elf.

                      For my favourite Christmas film I'd have to go for Iron Man 3, closely followed by Die Hard.
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                        Funny you mention Die Hard! My buddy and I totally watched this on Christmas while the ladies were doing girlie stuff. I forgot how awesomely Chrsitmas it was.

                        National Lampoons Christmas vacation was also watched on Christmas Eve.

                        Elf is a movie I enjoy every holiday. I can understand people not liking Will Ferrell but I love Zoey and when she sings in the shower... yummy!

                        I finally got a chance to see the new Hobbit. CGI is just out of control. They need to get back to models like the good old days of the original Star Wars. I thought I was going to go crazy if I had to see another CGI gold coin fall down the pile. And how dumb do they think Dragons are? outsmarted by a bunch of stupid dwarves? Blasphemy! Many of these scenes should have been shortened, the barrel scene is probably already a ride at Universal Studios. Setting up the missing dragon scale /black arrow is also rather disapointing, as we all know whats going to happen now. Furthermore I didn't care too much for laketown or the actor/smuggler. I thought they could have done better with that. Fun movie for sure but just too long, too much CGI and a dumb dragon. I did really like the scenes with Gandalf's globe of daylight spells vs the evil and the first part where they go throught the forest and start tripping and Bilbo climbs up and out of the canopy, that was pretty cool. Maybe I just like Hobbits better than Dwarves.


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                          Weird, I'd quite happily have watched the next one straight after it. Admittedly, the dwarves weren't at their best in this one, really just being there to react to Bilbo/Bard/Tauriel/Thranduil/Sherlock. I think this is summed up by

                          [spoiler]the way that you are made to want to root for Bard in protecting his family and the people of Lake Town from the Mayor and from Smaug, while Thorin is quick to accept his help then knock him aside when the Mayor agrees, no matter the costs to those around him. That would very much be the naughty path for those playing an RPG. Bad Thorin.[/spoiler]

                          The barrel sequence is one I really want to see in 3D, supposedly it is great. That said, the main thing it reminded me of is the "Rubber Dingy Rapids, Bro" quote from Four Lions.

                          As for the whole "Black Arrow" Sequence, if it was just the two films, I would doubt that it would get quite as much time spent on it, maybe just in the extended versions (that said, its been at least 10 years since I read The Hobbit so I'm just enjoying the films and going along with them, ignoring the book).

                          edit - was sure I'd used spoiler tags on here before...
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                            Hung over yesterday and saw this on Netflix instant and gave it a watch. If you can make it through the terrible dialogue, you'll be rewarded with a pretty awesome grindhouse zombie movie. The acting is terrible and at points it may just be better on mute. But what I thought was a real low budget B movie turned into some CGI monsters and great camera shots in cool settings. By the end I realized they weren't taking it seriously and just having fun. The last scene had me cracking up. Featuers (but not staring) that dude from Machette. If you can't take slow mo with a color filters and dubstep music during action killin zombie scenes, don't even bother.

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                              Fast and Furious 6 Standard running time - 2 hrs 10 mins
                              Fast and Furious 6 Extended running time - 2 hrs 11 mins

                              What the hell is the point?
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                                So you mean to say the extendend version was "gone in 60 seconds"?