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  • WAMP's Fantasy Football League

    Darklord mentioned that there wasn't one set up, so I thought that I'd jump on it and see what happens.

    So What Is Fantasy Football?

    Fantasy Football is a game run in various places, such as Sky Sports or newspapers which encourages people to create teams of premier league players. Over the season, as teams play matches, these players score goals, get sent off, get injured etc. It is up to the player to see who is in form, who will miss games and make changes to their team accordingly.

    How Does It Work?

    I use the Barclays Premier League's Fantasy League and have done for a number of years now. Their system is that each team consists of 15 players - 2 Keepers, 5 Defenders, 5 Midfielders and 3 Strikers. You have 100m to spend on the entire squad, and you can have no more than 3 players from any one team. This creates a balance, as if there was no limit everyone would have a combination of the top 4 teams and maybe any in form players. This way you have to limit yourself in someway. If for example you choose to have a couple of top signings (Robin Van Persie, at 14m and Gareth Bale at 12m) that would be over 1/4 of your budget, meaning you would have to sign weaker players (Wes Brown and Sammy Ameobi, both 4.5m for example) to make up for it, or consistently choose mid range players so you have a strong but average team.

    Each week with games played, your players get points, relating to their actual doings on the pitch. Goals, Assists, Saves and Clean Sheets are all rewarded, whilst cards and conceding goals are penalised. You pick your team of 11 from your squad of 15, and select someone to be captain and vice captain. When your captain plays, he gets double the points he would have received as a normal player, either positive or negative. If he doesn't play, the vice captain gets that bonus instead.

    Transfers can be made, usually one per week after the season starts (unlimited till then, and at some point in January for the winter window) and any additional transfers per week cost points. These can be used to remove injured or out of form players from the squad, or to bring in someone who might have an easy run of games coming up.

    Sounds Great! I Want In!

    To get in, go to and sign up, following their steps for creating your team. Once created, go to the Leagues tab (between Transfers and Fixtures) and click join league. This will bring up two options - Public and Private. Click Private, copying the following code into the given box and clicking Join League. The League starts in the first week of the season.


    Once registered, feel free to use this place to talk about your fantasy teams, be it bragging about your bargain find, boasting about your superb defense or complaining like a mewling quim about your lack of goals from a star striker. Please remember to use Darklord's football thread to talk about actual football, as once combined things start to get very muddled

    The Conclusion

    So, while there might not be much up for grabs other than pride and glory (who doesn't like those?) It's a bit of a laugh, even for those who know nothing about football.

    Happy New Season!
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    good stuff, I shall get a team sorted later
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      Yay got my team set up, I realised how little I knew about premiership football (Championship being the place to be!!)

      Tried to get a balance and picking players that could create and utilise chances.

      My Squad:




      Van persie
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        Aye, I like the Championship. Good to have Doncaster back in the mix, got into supporting them when I lived down there.

        Anelka is probably a very good choice, he always seems to get goals. I just don't think West Brom will be quite as strong this season. I think it'll be a toss up between Oscar and Hazard as to who gets to play alongside Mata going forward at Chelsea, can't see Mata being left out.

        My current team - will probably change before the season starts, most likely to include Gomis when he signs.




        Glen Johnson




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          Doncaster have signed 1 direction singer Louis on a temp contract for a charity match lol


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            I thought Anelka was worth a punt at only 4.5m. I did almost plump for Hazard too.
            I looked at Hooper but wondered how much service he will get at Norwich plus adjusting to playing in a proper league!
            My dad is called Glen Johnson though I dont think its the same one!!
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              Got rid of Hooper thanks to his injury, threw in Helenius who is a new signing for Cardiff. Doesn't sound like much, especially for a promoted club but he's a beast on Football Manager which is enough for me

              So, with less than a week left, who else is in? Currently its a two horse race and the season hasn't even started!
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                Helenius could be a good shout though depends how much opportunity you think Cardiff will get
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                  Excellent, a goal from Benteke to get me off and running
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                    Van Persie brace got me 12 and hes captain so double for him (I Think?). Sczesney bagged 7 too thanks to a penalty save.
                    Still got 7 players yet to have a match.

                    hmm actually dont think I got any points for sczesney as he is my sub keeper. Still lots to learn!
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                      67 points, happy with that. Kompany picked up an inury though so might have to swap him out
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                        Well, tonights game went well (despite Hazard again being useless as captain). Another goal for Benteke and a goal for Ivanovic to make up for not getting the clean sheet. There are so many changes I want to make for next week but I've had to settle for replacing John Walters with Joe Cole. Maybe Navas can come in next week.
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                          last night game really hurt me, was 1st or 2nd in most of my leagues but dropped down in them all.

                          Most py players this week are against weaker opposition except the chelsea man utd ones, not sure how I am going to play this
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                            That game would have taken place in a couple of weeks time so really anyone with large numbers of villa/chelsea will be at a disadvantage in that set of games. It's just important to remember to check the fixture lists. As for when players play players, I didn't include Zabaleta for the City - Newcastle game because I already had Hart and didn't want to lose a potential points twice if Newcastle scored. Which they didn't, and Zabaleta ended up with 10 points while certain others barely got 1-2. for the Chelsea - Utd game, I've taken out Carrick to the bench as I think Chelsea will be the stronger team so Hazard and Ivanovic are staying, but Hazard has been uncaptained.

                            edit - just realised that Hazard has finally been given his assist for the game, didn't have that during it so he actually gave me a reasonable turnaround of 16 points over the two games.
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                              I have Oscar, also RVP so think will keep both in anyway, think I have another chelsea fella too but cant remember without looking. Kompany is 50/50 apparently so I may need to swap him out, might look at going for 3,5,2 and swap in a extra midfielder
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