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  • ¡Madre de Dios...

    ...que es el Chupabrocha!

    Ages ago it was proposed that Wamp ought to have some kind of mascot. We were going to have a wamp, but nobody could decide what it should look like.

    You've all heard of El Chupacabra, recently it's devolved cousin broke out of the lump cellar of the Tikki Bar and went on a brush licking rampage. Unfortunately nobody got a clear look at the beast but victims describe glowing red eyes and a huge paint stained tongue.

    Does anybody have an idea what El Chupabrocha looks like? It would be fun to get a mini made up if somebody comes up with a cool concept drawing. Maybe we could turn it into some kind of sculpting competition?
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    I think I saw it running through the Threads! licking everything it could! it left a rainbow streak on the back of Bretts head as it ran off!! I took a photo of it!! it was such a beast!!

    if you see this beast do not approach it has an axe!!! and it will use it!!


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      You know... what bothers me about this picture is using a kleenex box to show scale.
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        would be more interesting if the box was bigger than Scott lol ALSO if that is a box of Kleenex and Scott is naked??? what was he doing before the photo lol

        but Back to the topic!!

        A WAMP Monster licking a paint brush would be a cool mini!! I may draw one tonight while at work lol

        And Maybe if one of the awesome sculptors on here can sculpt A WAMP Mascot Mini then! it could maybe start Bretts idea of the Tribute mini range?

        If the mini is attached to a life time membership of WAMP say The membership goes up to £15 or £20 then on payment you receive a WAMP Mascot mini? if everyone on the site gets a membership this could potentially raise almost £15-£30,000 pounds(If EVERYONE does it) this could cover the sculpt and casting costs and what ever is left gets put into the tribute range for the first mini?

        realistically if only a quarter of the members upgrade to lifetime membership thats still around 500 members thats still £5000 and im sure a good lump of that would help towards the Tribute range too?

        this may be the fund raiser Brett is looking for to get the project off the ground?

        Nice Idea Undave!! this could get both Ideas running together?

        wonder What Brett would say?


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          Tis one savage beast from the North that is. Heard it trades in the flesh of animals.


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            There is actually a Wamp mini in progress but unfortunately the sculptor had to have brain surgery so has been waylaid! Eventually I hope to do a few variations on him (limited editions for contest winners,supporters etc.) He has a paint brush for a tail (sort of).

            The supporters thing isn't lifetime it £10 for a year.

            Appreciate your idea though!
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              No worries Brett!! Would have been a lovely way to get both projects up and running!

              And you say a WAMP mini is under way? Thats cool!!

              A paint brush for a tail you say? Its not Licking its own tail now is it? LOL
              Will it be in the store next to Gronk when its ready? Or is there a special promotion in mind?

              Nosey arnt I lol


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                It will be on general sale but wont ever be on sale anywhere but wamp, probably discounted for Wamp members slightly
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                  Awesome!!! Now its justba waiting game! Hope the sculptor is doing ok from his op!!!