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    Well, this was a bummer. You can't even play this $60 game online in multiplayer. We were playing 2 person split screen in 3d last night and that was pretty awesome but how the fu(k do you spend millions advertising a game over the last few months that doesn't even work online? Didn't you test it? Didn't you know for the amount of preorders how many people would be playing it?

    What a bummer... They should be ashamed of themselves.

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    So they sort of got the servers working yesterday. Matchmaking in a prty is still sort of buggy. I was playing for longer than I'd like to publically admit yesterday. Fun game and cool new maps so far.

    If anyone out there is planning on getting this game and want to wingman with me let me know. There's a group of about six of my friends that should all have it by the end of the month and w'll be kill teaming it up.


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      Go Team WAMP!!
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