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Pete's getting Married!!!

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  • Pete's getting Married!!!

    Well folks, its time for me to retire from bachelorhood. On Saturday July 28th I'm getting married in beautiful Tulum Mexico to the best person I've ever met. 33 of our friends and familly will be there to help us celebrate. We'll be there for a week with guests, then break off with our best couple friend and tour the Yucatan for another week. I'm looking forward to checking out all ruins, locals, cenotes, culture, music, coral reefs, jungles, MONKEYS!!!. We are going to see the Mayan entrance of the UNDERWORLD!! They did say the world would end this year... Maybe Neetpete rolling up in there will be the final factor ;)

    I won't be around the next couple weeks, so don't miss me, just picture me climbing on pyramids and jumping into underground rivers with my new wife at my side.

    If any WAMPers have bee to the Mexican Riviera and have any reccomendations, I'd love to hear them!

    :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:: heart::heart::heart::heart:

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    Have a good time mate and a big congrats to you and you new wife


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      really chuffed for you mate, best of luck to both of you in your new life together. Watched an interesting program about the mayan underworld recently - should be good matey
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        Congrats Pete! Enjoy the special time with your new wife.

        I've been to western and central Mexico a few and a big advice is - Watch out for snakes and don't drink the water!


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          Screw the Riviera! Go find the dirtiest taco stand you can and pig out! :D Ok maybe not the best idea. But while i lived there I pretty much had a taco addiction. and the dirty taco stands always tasted the best...

          congrats on your marriage fellow Oregonian!


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            Originally posted by LOBO View Post
            Watch out for snakes and don't drink the water!
            But do drink the cocacola! :D And if you can find some dried crickets! they are delicious!


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              Congrats Peter, enjoy your freedom while it lasts, lol

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                Congrats matey!

                If you find a big red stone button which says "reset" in ancient Mayan best to leave it alone eh.
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                    Congratulations ! :)
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                      Awesome Pete - I hope you have lots of fun! That location looks like a blast :)


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                        Many many congratulations Pete, hope everything goes well on the 28th and all the very best wishes to you both in your new life together.

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                          Congrats Pete, that's excellent news! Best wishes to you and yours.


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                            Congratulations Pete! I wish you and your future wife the most beautiful day of your lives, and lots of happiness together :)

                            Your honeymoon destination looks amazing, enjoy your trip!
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                              Already knew you were getting married, just didn't know when. Congratulations! have a great day.
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