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To all the mom's and mom's to be!

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  • To all the mom's and mom's to be!

    Happy mother's day!! :)
    "Have i gone 'round the bend?"
    "Yes, you are mad. Completely bonkers. But here's a secret... the best of us are."
    -Alice in Wonderland

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    I was following the conversations on Wamp about mother's day, and was getting ready for my mommy's ...
    to realize this morning that our dates for this event don't match at all -XD-
    (June the 3rd in France).


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      yeah they vary around the world, had ours about 2 months ago here but doesnt matter, mothers do a great job tha most of us dont appreciate until they become parents themselves!!

      Keep up the good work girls!
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        For the love of .... do not scare me like that! I thought I was in big trouble for a second there.
        "You're a big man, but you're in bad shape. With me, it's a full time job."
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