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WW2 1942 crashed plane found in desert

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  • WW2 1942 crashed plane found in desert

    Quite something to find a preserved plane like this from WW2..found a couple of months ago in Egypt, the British Embassy are going to try and find the pilot's remains.

    Interesting (and sad) story.

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    Fascinating innit? It's pitiful really, thinking of one lonely death so long ago, but there must have been plenty of those in the desert war alone.
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      Indeed, one of many, I think it really brings it home when they give the personal account like that. It's like a timewarp as the article said, so very strange.


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        great story, thanks for sharing.


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          Been following this on one of my aviation forums. Pilot's identity not yet confirmed and even though the wreck is remote various items have already been removed...

          Hoping a swift and secure recovery can be made and hopefully some clue as to location of pilot.
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