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Roy hodgson names England Manager

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  • Roy hodgson names England Manager

    4 year deal.

    Must say I am extremely disappointed with this. A lacklustre manager who had a good cup run in the Europa League, very much like Steve McClaren did.

    So another failed tournament followed by a new manager in 18 months time when qualifying goes wrong
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    Not sure it matters that much. Last manager was foreign, had good record, we got nowhere. Prior to that the manager was foreign, had less good record, we got nowhere. Before that we had a whole gaggle of Brit managers, some with good records, some indifferent, we got nowhere. See the common thread here? It doesn't matter who manages the team, the players never deliver. As individuals, there are some pretty class athletes in the squad, who perform week in, week out at club level. Give them an England shirt, and they suddenly play like the local pub team. With one or two notable exceptions, the England team consistently disappoints. It's the curse of being English, along with the weather, the cost of living and reality TV.


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      TBH I'm quite pleased with this and Roy Hodgson has a tested international record, better than Harry "Cheeky Chappie" Redknapp and his almost criminal record!


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        See I don't get all this 'the players cant be bothered' the players are plenty good enough but have often been played in strange formations or out of position. If they didnt care about playing for England they wouldnt play, I am sure for anyone who loves playing football playing for your county is a dream ad they certainly would want to win, its what they aim for week in week out Cappello was a good club manager but that didnt translate at the world cup as he had the players longer and his strictness became over bearing.
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          The first thing he has to sort out is the shape of the ball.
          "You're a big man, but you're in bad shape. With me, it's a full time job."
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            I think one of the big problems we've had over the years is the club vrs country debate and it stems from the fact that the Premiership is so successful. I also think that while the premiership is so successful it's detrimental to the national team. Problem is that at the moment I'd much prefer players like Wayne Rooney and Danny Welbeck to play well for Man Utd than for England.

            Players get paid huge amounts of money from their club (something I don't begrudge them for at all) and for 330 days a year are in a surrounding where this player A is your team mate and that player B is the enemy. Then for another 30 odd days those roles are reversed. Thus we have situations like the John Terry/Rio Ferdinand declarable at the moment.

            In the Premier league every match is so important clubs are reluctant to release players for international duty and when they do, international managers are treading on eggshells to stay friendly with the club so players just get half a match and rightly so when so much money is dependent on that player performing for his club.

            I honestly don't know what the answer is but I wish Roy all the best and think the right man got the job.


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              It's true that the national side have a limited time together and are asked to play in different positions. But how hard can that be? And why do other national teams, who have the same club level restrictions, perform far better then we do? I don't like it, I don't understand it, but it seems that as soon as they put on the lions shirt they start playing like donkeys. Obviously not all the time, just when it seems to matter. I can't remember the last time we got to a semi final.


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                I think it was Euro 96, the one we hosted so home team advantage. In fact the only English man to get to a world cup final since 66 is Roy Hodgson when he took Sweden to the Final in 94.

                I think why they end up looking like donkeys is pretty simple to explain. Imagine Rooney edge of the box surrounded by defenders. For Club he knows from training day in and day out he has Scholes behind him, Welbeck to the left, Nani or Valencia to his right.

                For the national side who files those roles? Lampard behind him? No cos Frank likes to get forward and play where Wayne plays, Gerrard, possibly but again he likes to get forward. Who's on his right? Cole on his left? So it all breaks down and we look like total arses.

                I think there has to be a sea change of the whole structure. I dosn't help that the Premier League and the FA are two distinct bodies and one thing that would help the national team is if they were brought closer together.