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  • CT's Newest Mini

    Got a new mini a few weeks early and I think you'll agree once you've seen the picture that she's a keeper!

    Elizabeth Nell Shea was born 4/12/12. 6lbs 4oz and 19 1/2 inches long.

    She arrived 3.5 weeks early. She was a breach baby, which we already knew, and she decided she wanted out before the doctor could schedule a turning. She was deliverd by emergency c-section, but mom and baby both did so great that we were released from the hospital early!

    Everyone's doing great and Michael really loves his baby sister.
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    Congrats CT!!!! The WAMP army grows stronger. How are you going to paint her? ;)


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      Aha! Once she's got a taste for the ejector seat through the sunroof, there'll be no stopping her!

      She's lovely.
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        What a cutie :)
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          She's great! Congrats to you and the family.


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            Congratulations to you all CT, lovely photo and glad to hear that everybody's doing well.

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              I was wondering why we hadn't seen anything new from you for a while. Now I realise you have been getting "Bizzy"! Big Congrats mate and best wishes to you and your family.


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                Congratulations! :D
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