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  • London 2012

    100 days until the Olympics start.
    Anyone excited? Anyone going? Gonna be watching the men's football quarter finals at St. james Park coudlnt get athletics tickets.

    Really can't wait!!

    Anyone else always think of the London bombings though? Always saddens me you had the sheer joy in trafalger Square then despair 24 hours later after the bombings.
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    I'm getting as far away from the Olympics as I can and heading to Zimbabwe for 10 days!


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      Meh to the Olympics, the money could have been better spent elsewhere

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        Going to at least 2 events, one in the athletics stadium (women's shot putt? 800m heats? can't wait- seriously). Spend far too much time watching the events on the telly, will be great to see them in person.


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          I am looking forward to it a lot. Have tickets to some of the horse events and some random stuff too. It'll the only time in my lifetime it comes here. Great.


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            Don't give a **** about the Olympics, lot of money being spent for a select few.
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              Not my thing. I'll be interested in the rugby sevens, but the whole ticketing debacle, the grinning polititians excusing the enormous budget as essential services are axed and the ever-present threat of strikes ... it all just reminds me of the worst of Britain, not the best.

              It'll be nice to see some multi-national visitors I suppose, but thank goodness we'll only be on the periphery in Cardiff with only a few bits and pieces being held here. I don't think it will affect us overmuch.
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