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    Originally posted by warhammergrimace View Post
    Re the sword, I've studied several sword styles from differing periods of history, which include rapier, 1.33 medieval single sword, sabre, cutlass and none use to forearm to block blows, as most swords would slice right through the arm.
    Your misunderstanding mate.

    I didn't mean you block your opponents sword strike with your forearm, what I meant was you use your forearm to brace your own sword against when deflecting your opponents strike. In my styles you use the flat of the blade to block, so you also use the flat of the blade when bracing your own sword against your forearm.

    I can't find any illustrations of this or I would post one.
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      saw it today, thought it was ok, not great but ok.


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        Not come across that as a form of defence in the styles I've studied, the only similar one was when using a buckler, but the actual buckler deflected the blow.

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