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  • Thing to do before you die ...

    ... because trying to do them afterwards can be difficult and less enjoyable.

    There's the usual stuff of course, you know, the bungey-jumping, the scuba-diving etc.., but is there anything personal (and printable) that the members would really love to do, just for the experience?

    I'd love to get a book published. I have lots of half-ideas for stories rattling around my head, but they never seem to go anywhere. I've always had an idea I could write a childrens' book and illustrate it (I once illustrated a book called 'Harold the Worm', written by a school mate's mum, but it never got published) but somehow life always seems to eat up the available time.

    I'd also like to own a toy shop, a real traditional one with good old-fashioned timeless toys. In this fantasy, however, I don't actually do much work.
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    Well being rather old I guess this thread is rather relevant. Something personal? Probably seem strange but you did say personal - I'd like to visit Australia and see where my real grandmother lived (my dad was adopted) and meet the man who was her next door neighbour and who got in contact with me by chance via another forum.

    The usual stuff, hell yeh baby! Drive an E Type Jaguar around Silverstone (OK I'll settle for a Ford GT40 or Lola T70) and fly in a Hawker Hunter. Oh, and live to 150 with all my faculties intact - and I probably still won't get all my minis painted
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      Murder everyone who's ever pissed you off, haha joking or am I, hmmmmm, you'll never, so just be nice to me all, woohahaha.......

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        Well, I've been lucky enough to do most things I had on my bucket list, which has mainly been wildlife related stuff, like seeing most of the big cats in the wild, swimming with dolphins, diving with manta rays, cage diving with great whites, tracking lions on foot, helicopter trip over Voctoria falls, balloon ride over the Masai Mara, that sort of thing. I hope to continue to do these things for a long time to come. I hope to add tracking wild dogs on foot this year and possibly going to Madagascar. Next year will be a trip to India in spring, not sure what else. Lots of places on my list but many are getting so expensive.

        I do want to write and illustrate a "fieldguide to the dragons of the world", linking them to wild places where they could be lurking undiscovered. But to an extent there are a few books like that on the market and I wouldn't know where to start with it.

        There was a time when I hoped to win a Golden Demon. I got finalist a couple of times, for Trogdor in the Open and Forgeworld temple Lord I think the year before, but that was as far as it went.


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          Thing to do before you die ...

 an ambulance
          Shop at the Wampstore


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            Checked a few things off allready, so they aren't on here. In no particular order:
            • Go to a gaming event of some kind
            • Travel to other continents and enjoy a nice sight-seeing vacation (lots of these)
            • Become published with at least a small cult following.
            • Get my game systems out there.
            • Get a few mini's out there on the market too.
            • Go for a submarine ride or get rich and buy my own submarine.
            • Meet some of the people who have inspired me with their writings, film (less of these, surprisingly), martial arts know-how and knowledge.
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              I'd like to shoot for a demon of any colour one day. Though it feels like I am taking big steps back in painting quality. Gotta work on that I suppose.

              Other things... hunh. Wouldn't mind getting to goofy England for a painting thing to see some of the WAMP'ers. I don't know if I should be happy or sad that I can't really think of too many things I need to do before I get killed. PONDER TIME!!!
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                Spend some time living somewhere like Australia or NZ would be right up there for me.

                Also, devise and prove a legitimate legal challenge to paying taxes...
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                  Tell my Grand children for the umpteenth time the story that starts "When I was your age........."

                  Finish painting an army....fat chance.

                  Not worry how far I can climb up the mountain, just be happy with the view from where I am.
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                    After watching the London Marathon I have (foolishly) decided I must run a marathon before I die ... and hope I don't die before I finish running said marathon. I also think I'd like to complete a triathlon, but I'm not sure about the rules regarding stabilisers on the bike. Maybe I can persuade one of the other competitors to give me a backy?
                    "You're a big man, but you're in bad shape. With me, it's a full time job."
                    Lt. Bromhead to Prince Dabulamanzi before the Battle of Rorke's Drift.


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                      I've done most of the things I would have put on my bucket list apart from climbing K2 and I am too old to think of doing that now. Ickle European mountains (only ticked off Eiger, Matterhorn and a few Alpine French peaks around and including Mont Blanc) will have to be my lot. Maybe McKinley as my other half bangs on about it every year.

                      My other half also does triathlon however its an ambition of mine never to do one! Their idea of stabilisers is having a drink with sugar in it after running around parks towing tyres.

                      I'd quite like to enter a painting comp and visit the Falklands and we want to go to Vietnam and Laos (I've travelled extensively artound and worked in Africa and travelled in Canada, US and the ME as well as Northern Europe but never SE Asia). Hope I won't wait until near death to do that.