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swoods' PfP challenge.

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  • swoods' PfP challenge.

    Right oh! Time for me to bite the bullet and see if i can claw back some funds from some unwanted plastic...

    I'm going to change the rules slightly (to fit my personal needs) as i shall be painting up my 1500pt Grey Knights to a good TT standard and then flogging them. Now, i know i paid about 100 For this little lot, and I'll probably not get it back, but I'm skint and no longer wish to use the models, so I'm claiming back what i can.

    The force consists of:


    Vindicare Assassin.

    5x Strike squad.
    5x Terminators.
    5x Paladins/Terminators.

    Land raider.

    I'll post up pics as I complete each unit. Which should tale me about 2 weeks (it's only taken me nearly 2 years to get to a very basic stage!).

    When I come to flog these, I'll consider reasonable offers from interested parties!


    Edit: Any money gleamed from this project will go towards 1 plastic miniature which i will then paint up as per the traditional challenge.

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    good stuff mate, I enjoy logging these projects, best of luck
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      Thanks DL. I’ll keep this updated with WiPs of my progress…

      I've started with the Land Raider as this was the first model I built, and a few years back it was too (it was a Christmas present from a relative when they first re designed the LR kit -1999/2000ish?)...
      I built it some time ago, and wasn’t overly bothered back then about the finish of the model, hence why I glued the doors shut and there are gaps and badly drilled barrels etc…

      Anyway, onto some WiP shots of the Land Raider:

      1: This is the Land Raider as I built and basecoated it almost 2 years ago! The red areas were based in “Mechrite red”/”Blood red” mixed (1:1 ish) and the silver is “chainmail” with an “Asurmen Blue” wash in the recesses. As you may or may not be able to see from the photo, the Silver paint, which was applied with the Citadel Spray Gun, has bubbled a bit, which is disappointing. Any way of rectifying this now? I somehow doubt it and I don’t fancy stripping paint!

      2: The panels have been recoated in the “Mechrite Red”/”Blood Red” mix and the red taken further (Cupolas, front door, Lascannon targeters etc).

      3: The panels have been halved with a straight mix of “Dheneb Stone”- Yes it’s shoddy, but I will tidy them up!

      I’ve done more to the “white” areas, I.e. Taken the Dheneb Stone up to almost pure Skull White, but I have no pictures yet.
      I will endeavour to post more as and when I can and when I’ve worked out why my editor doesn’t seem to want to cooperate- I’ve had to type all of this in word and copy/paste everything from photobucket! Aargh!
      Feel free to comment! (Ignore the crap photo’s!).
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        Finished a vindicare assassin and a strike squad of 5 marines:

        Yes, the photos are awful, and I hope to rectify that. Still, only another 11 more to go (10 x terminators and Draigo)
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          yeah photos are paramount for selling on fleabay
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