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    ya can have a grand day out with me thats about it lol


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      Hey Terry,

      This morning Jeremie and I got talking about stuff and I mentioned your Sapo. Here's his words -

      He need a larger vision of the light composition on the miniature.
      Not only take care about the details, but more on the global

      To make sure I understood I clarified his words with -

      Yep I understand, he needs to think about the big picture of light, dark and composition rather than the finer points.

      In your second DVD it starts with the bigger picture*and gets more and more refined into the details. Hes not got that first step right yet.

      So there you have it mate, feedback from JBT himself! You painted great details but the light dark composition needs more work. He is full of character none the less :)


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        Thanks John and pass on my thanks also to Jbt. Do you think I should take the plunge and try wet blending? I did learn an awful lot from Rafa at the weekend but it's one thing having an idea of where you need more light/dark contrast but another thing altogether being brave enough to apply it. Also it's interesting that both Rafa and Jbt and you of course all point out that it's a foundation not something you build up to. I am trying to refine the details on a broken canvas.
        I will take the advice to heart and hopefully come back with something improved.
        "Keep your brush wet and our humour dry." :cheeky:


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          I think that we should split things into two - firstly to fully appreciate the feedback. To help in this I've put two versions together in grey scale so that we can ignore the colours and focus on the light dark contrast.

          In this picture you can start to see what JBT was talking about: The one on the left is more uniform and doesn't have many areas of deep shadow or extreme highlight. Also the different areas of the bust blend into one as it has a uniform light intensity. Whereas the one on the right is more interesting as there's a greater range of light dark and in using this there's more definition between the different areas.

          So as I say the first step is to have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve - darker shadows and lighter highlights. Then be brave and push each end more than you every thought - black to white even!

          Then we move onto the main question - wet blending. Well wet blending is just a particular method of applying paint and as such if you don't place the colours in the right place the contrast will be lacking. The sames true of layering or airbrushing etc.... Where wet blending has an advantage over other methods is that it's very quick to create blends on your mini. It also sometimes gives unexpectedly interesting results since its quite an organic process as opposed to the layering method. With some practice its also fairly easy as well.

          Many of those painter you mention want the speed that wet blending gives them (as by and large they're commission painters) and the ease of application - at least in the temperatures we have. Is worth noting that in Madrid Rafa often layers rather than wet blending as the temperature is a great deal higher (the paint drys too quickly for wet blending).

          Having said all of that, my recommendation is that you should try it out to see how you like it :)


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            Thanks John. Loads to take on board. I took a few camera photos of my old minis and gave them the B&W treatment and lo and behold, lack of dark/light contrast seems to be a recurrent theme. I thought I had progressed towards getting better contrast but given the test nothing passed! This means that no matter how bad the next few minis may look I am gonna go balls for glory to try and improve. Hey thanks so much for taking the time to post the extensive feedback and I'm pretty sure it would be useful for other dampers. At the very least it might be good for everyone who reads this to test a mini. Now where do I start (I think a GW mini to minimise dissapointment if it goes badly wrong lol).
            "Keep your brush wet and our humour dry." :cheeky: