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  • Mako's new WIP of more randomness

    Well, after a bit of a clearout and settling back to painting, I realised I hadn't actually posted any progress up here!

    Because of my rather random work schedule and being dozy as hell half the time, updates will probably be sporadic, but I'll do my best to remember
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    Here's something I've been working on for a short while. He's already been reworked a few times to change little bits. I still can't decide if the dark blue skirt works, or if a blue-ish white, or a brown/cream mix would work better.

    Gore is to be added at the end, but not in huge globs that cover up the details...

    Oni warau corrected 1.jpg

    (Oh, and I know his toe bones are chipped, I can't seem to help it. Every time I handle him, no matter how carefully. Even using a pin vice on the foot peg. So I'll retouch those when he's finished and going onto his base )
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      Like the way you have done the muscles, really nice. I think the dark blue looks good but depends on the other colours you have in mind. Nice work so far.

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        He reminds me of the demon protagonist of the "Dungeon Master" video games. Evil-looking but with just a hint of goofy in his eeeeevil grin.
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          The muscles are really cool and I like the colour of the skirt you have in the image. It has a nice contrast to the skin colour.


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            The skirt color goes well with the skin. I would add something like Dheneb Stone or Bleached Bone into your base color in increasing amounts to create your highlight colors.

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              Totally forgot to add updates here as I was working on oni warau, but here's the finished piece I took to salute this year:

              oni gore.jpg

              Since then I've amused myself mostly by sculpting, and with a little bit of on off painting. The latest stuff I've been fiddling with is the Spirits of Vengeance Malifaux crew, have painted up Kirai and Ikiryo so far. Trying to keep it all very muted, using VGC bonewhite and night blue as the highlights and shadows and adding grey to all the colours except the white faces.
              kirai ikiryo.jpg

              Also, if anyone can remind me how to upload files from the PC full size rather than thumbnail that would be handy, I appear to have forgotten!
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                Really nice job Mako! What did you use to make the Bamboo?


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                  Cheers, the bamboo is just plastic tubing from a model shop with some green stuff to make the joins. used astronomican grey instead of true grey to give it the slight blueness that real bamboo has
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                    Well its a great job as they look very real. What green did you use?


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                      The whole process was layered using mixes going through dark angels green, camo green, bleached bone and astronomican grey, with snakebite leather/bleached bone jointing. Using lines that widen towards the top end of each segment makes it look more natural
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                        Thanks for the tips on doing bamboo! Kirai looks great and I really like the Oni as well.
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                          Here's a few more malifaux bits, the onryo and Kirai's totem (lost love) and a shot of the gang so far. Lost love is supposed to look like he's not really visible except in the light of his heart (oh god how sickeningly sweet and ET that sounds!), so there are glazes of the ground colours on his feet and less shading/highlighting as you get round his back. Considering these are tabletop rather than endless fussing and fiddling, I'm pretty happy with how they're going.

                          lost love.jpg
                          5 man crew.jpg

                          And I appear to have found a way to add in large photos again!
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                            Excellent work, Mako. :D love the detail on the robes of Karai & onryo, and that's a neat idea for the lost love. :)
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                              Really looking good so far!
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