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Washed up marauders

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  • Washed up marauders

    I've been experimenting a little with the GW washes recently.
    These were done with just base coats & 1 good wash of Devlin mud.
    I did have to go back and re-highlight the skin a little subtly as it turned out way too dark after the wash.
    I'm still trying to make up my mind over them. Suggestions / comments welcome.
    These are meant just for table-top quality btw.
    [edit] and the white balance is off :oops:

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    Re: Washed up marauders

    Originally posted by SilentBob
    [edit] and the white balance is off :oops:
    Yeah, they do look a bit dark. Do you have an image editing program that allows you to lighten the photos a little?


    Maybe something like this:

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      Hey thanks :)
      I don't have a good editing program on this PC - I'd just used an auto-adjust and was about to relink, but you've done it for me :)


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        If your looking for a free one try GiMP :)


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          Oooh, nice metallics!


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            Thanks - yeah, I've got GIMP and Paintshop Pro on my main PC, I was just posting from my laptop where I haven't installed them yet. I'd taken the pics in a hurry and only realized how bad they looked after I'd uploaded them.

            Jabberwocky - yeah, the washes make metallics look awesome with minimal effort :) That was just boltgun metal + devlin mud wash (or burnished gold + wash for the gold/bronze type metals).


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              I like 'em. If you've got time I think I personally might put a highlight on the flesh over top of the shading wash you've given them.
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                i LOVE devlan mud on metals
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