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Some WIp Stuff from Scott

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  • Some WIp Stuff from Scott

    I got 2x 250 watt bulbs. I think the pics are an improvement but I might go pick up a third from the top. Still some shadow! Also my angle on the pics sucks.
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    Lookin' mighty fine. I've got to get me one of them fat arse Chaos Champions though. How does he compare size wise to GW's?
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      I like both of these Scott! Just don't mix them up and start painting a crazy pink checkerboard pattern on the Nurgle guy!

      Here is some inspiration to shoot for:
      I think that it is the best paint job on a miniature that I have ever seen. Now paint your's better!


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        I'm liking the saw toothing on the weapon, and some soft shading there too very nice :)
        Big guy is a nice model - looking forward to seeing some more of him.
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