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  • WIP - Playtime for Pete

    Will post some pictures of minis I have "completed" and any that I am working on when I get my camera setup complete. Hard to do a good photo of the 28 mm minis, but I think I worked it out. Will post a picture of my camera setup as well.

    What I would like to focus on next: Wash / Shade
    I suck at this step and need help. I always feel that this step "ruins" my mini. I am almost afraid to use them anymore. I watch video after video and they are put on very casually by better painters and look great. Mine looks terrible after this step.

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    Without seeing photos it's difficult to offer specifics, but from experience of getting it wrong - a couple of tips I'd suggest:

    1. Do the basecolour, then a highlight before starting on shadows.

    2. Thin your shadow colour a little and don't apply all over the area, only into the recesses. If you need to add more, do it in multiple coats.

    Look forward to seeing the pictures!
    Nerodine (blog, WIP thread)


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      What are you washing with at the moment? I find for myself if I try some of the things that other people suggest it either ends up more like a glaze, or ends up drying a bit more like a tea ring, with the colour actually on the highlights rather than in the recesses.
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        Washes I am using

        Eventually I would like to know how to make my own washes, but I use these for now,

        Not sure of their age, but I bought them "new" from a local shop ...
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          Skinsaw Man and Baby Angel

          These two are my "first" minis,

          I like wash effect on the the baby's right foot (got this for "free"). The rest is too overpowering. I think truname's comments are what I am seeing too. Especially the comment about being a glaze although the washes to end up in the wrong place too. They are hard to "move around" and I think I need to thin and use a retarder so I think Nerodine's comment about thinning it is correct. I am also switching to a wet palette as the washes seem to start to dry extremely fast for how thick they seem to be.
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