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  • Omero's mini's - Embrace the WiP

    Hi all,

    When Nerodine mentioned that the 90 Minute Miniature Challenge was kinda becoming "a Thing", I figured I might as well join in!

    Long time hobbyist (with some substantial hiatus), as I the first mini's I ever bought was the 40k 2nd edition starter box (I feel so old now). But only relatively recently starting to take the whole painting thing a bit more seriously... Painting mini's is no longer just a means to put models on the table (I hate "grey armies"), but I started to more and more appreciate the painting itself and am now actively trying to improve.

    Early December, after I finished a miniature in ~90 minutes (a model I had lying around for ages, and decided I wanted to put on the table in Pathfinder games without taking too much time away from other painting projects), I challenged Nerodine to do the same.

    The 90MMC was born ;-)

    the initial mini that started it all:

    I can very much echo the sentiment I've seen in other threads! It looks like something I might have painted a while ago, but back then, I couldn't have done it in anything close to 90 minutes

    Will try and make a habit of posting WiP's more often (and some finished stuff as well, probably ^^), as well as monthly 90MMC stuff
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    Yay! Delighted you made it on to the forum. Welcome on board
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      Oh, and here's an overview photo of several WiP's I'm working on, also as indication of what I'm doing when not trying to cram a whole model's worth of painting into a 90 minute window


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        Welcome Omero!

        Really nice work on the dread so far, the NMM style armour is looking great.
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          The blue on the dread is airbrushed, of course, on the normal menz, it's by hand.

          My original marines were a very dark blue, as I wasn't too fond of the overly bright blue GW used on their ultras back in the day. 't was Ben Komets in his painting buddha vids that made me try ending up somewhere in the middle ^^

          An old Tigurius model was my first real attempt at a higher level of painting, inspired by Ben's marine videos

          Was rather pleased with how that turned out, altho doing a full army with that style is turning into a fairly laborious ordeal ;-)
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            Welcome! Very nice looking Ultras! I've never thought too much about the blue, although I do like the blue on Tigerious a lot more, I have to admit. Awesome basing on him BTW.
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              Everyone seems keen on the 90-minute challenges lately. I can see the benefit, as I want to be able to pump out models quickly myself.

              I am really liking your marines and the dread! NMM blue is always great to see!
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                Thanks all!

                Time for an update:
                Had a few attempts at the #90MMC for this month... Failed the first two attempts

                Granted, this first try I didn't actually expect to finish in 90 minutes... but was a nice excuse to get me started... and from where it's now, I expect the total for finishing this should be between 2-2 1/2 hours, which is still pretty decent ;-)

                Attempt no. 2 I actually hoped to manage within the time... but painting all the armour plates while avoiding the recesses is just too much. May retry at some point, but with washes and see if that makes a difference (well, it will, but not sure it looks as good). No rush, tho, the tau fellow is a one off, don't need an army of them (for now at least ^^)

                Final attempt I went back to lizards, and managed something within the time limit :rockon:

                Also managed to get in a few solid sessions of airbrushing. Some necron vehicles (my primary army) and more lizards, for the 1k AoS army I'm trying to put together

                And took a few minutes to get started on some edge highligting for the annihilation barge.. coming along decently

                Observant people may have noticed I'm not terribly good at focussing on one single project at a time
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                  Ooh~! The Nightbringer looks sweet! He's been on my wishlist forever. Your 90 minute challenge models look pretty good to be honest, better than the one I did for sure. SOme of the necron stuff really is pretty cool, I wouldn't mind painting the one vehicle(?) with the guy inside the ball thing.
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                    Hah! Yeah, Nightbringer has been WiP for ages now... The sculpt is awesome, the GW original paintjob is awesome, so it used to be a fairly intimidating model, as I didn't want to screw it up ;-)

                    Thankfully, I've been working fairly hard on my painting skills over the last year and a half or so... so should be able to finish the job without ruining the model now

                    And I suspect you mean the Tesseract? (image from the GW site)

                    It is a rather cool model, but also very, very big ;-)

                    And the 90MMC is a "tool" for improving, so glad to hear it seems to be working \o/
                    Part of my trick for the challenge (tho -very- useful for other paintjobs as well) is that I prime them black&white. Makes applying of the bright base colours quite a bit easier than working on a black primer, but with more distinctive seperation of surfaces than pure white primer.
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                      Good grief, I hadn't seen that Tesseract - what a model.

                      Loving the blues on the Necrons, and the Stegadon is off to a promising start. Nice work on the 90-minute challenges there, the lizard came together well!
                      Nerodine (blog, WIP thread)


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                        Had a semi-productive week last week. Here's some of the highlights:

                        As a followup on last weeks post:
                        "Gather up lads, we're doing a quick group shot before the match starts!"

                        Had my first lizards officially finished. As I joined a AoS army building project, I have to present the first 250 points this weekend (tho managed to discover a couple little details that required attention after taking this shot, funny how that always works ^^)

                        THere's actually a bit of a story behind this little group. The little skink was painted by nerodine.. hmm... Quite a few year ago (have to guess, but may well be 6 years back? Maybe more...)
                        And the Kroxes have two new paint jobs, and one "antique". The old one was painted in the '90s, when I bought it together with the 5th edition startebox. Tho it makes for a bit of a strange unit, I actually liked the idea of preserving the old version and have a ""Then vs. Now" thing going on ;-)

                        For my marines, I was looking for a way to speed things up. Having a scheme I like is one thing, painting a whole army is a whole different beast. The manual method takes so much time I'd probably be playing my first games with them in 10 years or so ^^
                        SO attempted an airbrushed version. Goal was not to have it look identical, but at be close enough that mixing the two styles on the table isn't a problem. So far, pretty satisfied with the initial results

                        (obviously, the one on the cork is the new airbrushed variant)
                        I'm currently also working on an army list (1k points) to give some direction to what I paint for the marines.

                        Finally, I started on a(nother 0.o) "little" sideproject... Have a couple of old boxed games people gave me, which I'll be painting with the intention to use them for DnD sessions. As there's quite a bunch of them, and they're not "my main armies", I'll be working out quick'n'dirty schemes for everything in this category. I expect several of these mini's are going to be featuring in the 90 minute challenges.
                        First up... Heroquest's undead group. At the time of this shot, I'd spent about an hour total on them (including priming)
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                          Yes, the tesseract, thank you! Yes, its very cool, but as you said, very large. The marines are looking good. Now that I have an airbrush, I'd most likely go that route as well.
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                            Great to see the old Heroquest figures make an appearance. I do love that blue on your Marines, such a deep, rich colour.
                            Nerodine (blog, WIP thread)


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                              Not a great deal of output this week, but at least got some work done...

                              Started another lizard this weekend, and actually managed to make solid progress on him. Needs some details and a round of highlights still tho (and basing, of course)

                              Also got in a little brushwork on the face of a terminator captain that's been on my desk for half a year now... it's about time I get him finished! Still a long way to go, though...

                              On this chap, the plan is to go all out on using the NMM approach on his TMM golds and see how well I manage to pull off contrast on the metallic paints
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